Wednesday, 20 July 2011

ZEBRA: Outfit Numero 1#

(This image was taken to show off my new red lipstick!!)
Print tribal man shorts from charity shop: £1
White boobtube top from peacocks: £2 (In a pack with a black tee) 
Leather fringed jacket from H&M: £35
A little pricey but it was an IMPULSE buy!
The most expensive thing I own in my wardrobe!

Today, I felt like wearing shorts.So I did. I LOVE these print shorts of mine I purchased recently, they were one of my many bargains! I am one of those people that like to throw on anything in the morning instead of putting an outfit together the night before (what I used to do for out of uniform days at school and constantly threw on different clothes!). Recently I have been feeling that I have NOTHING to wear even though I have burst the two doors off my wardrobe with having too many clothes!
So I am in DESPERATE need to travel to manchester or liverpool vintage fairs they have where you can buy  1 KG of clothing for like a tenner.
I really need to sell some clothes but I'm such a hoarder! I cannot let any items of clothing go because they are like little rare gems, even though I hardly wear them. 
ANYWAY sorry about the dodgy photoshopping hahaha!
That's another thing, yes I have used effects on my images but that is because I want all you lovlies to see my outfit. I am completly against editing photos just because I have a spot or a red face (which I do in these!). 
You should be yourself no matter what you look like. Fashion Isn't about being perfect and looking gorgeous It's about what you wear and how you wear it!

Like one amazing woman quoted:

"I am tired of good taste. I want to do everything wrong and get a result that is of value and valid aswell."
Zandra Rhodes 

Lots of love,
British Bird

P.S   D.I.Y wednesday post will be up soon as promised as it's wednesday!


Sarah said...

Those shorts are A-mazing! Do you think they're 80s? said...

Thanks! I think they are, you can tell by the labels in most clothes. :) x