Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Indian winter anyone?

Hello Lavlies!

I havent posted everyday, so that will be one of my new years resolutions!
Wanted to say a quick hello and say a few things.
First, I love this weather but I want snow! I love to wrap up in lots of wooley layers and sit next to the fireplace (which I want in our house) with a hot cocoa and watching the snow outside listening to christmas songs! I love the fall fashion with the burgundys, jewel colours and tartan prints. The loafers and horse saddle boots, eccentric sweaters and the classical leather jacket will be in my wardrobe this winter.
I have dip dyed my hair again with Jeremy Russell Bblonde, the first time it clearly went ginger (my luck) but blonde the second time and I lurveee it. Just wish my hair was longer!! Any tips on how to grow hair long??
I also have my eye on topshop lipsticks including the black and lilac ones, I love experimenting with make-up and being a bit weird. They have alot of beautiful clothes at topshop at the moment so check it out.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Beautiful benny

Well, ben howard...I like nicknames ;)

I have posted an awful lot of music recently as I thought it's an extra to my blog since I'm strugglling with silly cameras for my daily outfits!

Heres Ben howard:

Also, I saw these guys at YNOT, and luurrvvveee them, what do you think?


Monday, 19 September 2011

D.I.Y Glitter heels

Helllo Lavlies!
I was so tempted to glitter my boots but I only have one pair and black goes with everything. SO, I decided to give these heels a makeover since I never wear them.

Really simple and effective to do!
I spent £2.50 on some glitter glue and smothered my heels in them.
You don't need a fancy glitter kit to glam up your shoes.

Thought I would post a little video of Johnny Flynn. Another acoustic genuis. I love men that sing and play guitar, if that's not obvious throughout my blog all ready...
I completely support new and upcoming music, so get listening and turn off your radio to crappy dubstep. Sorry, but it had to be said!

Love you alll Bloggers!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

I cannot even begin to describe to you how much I love this man.

One of my favourite artists around at the moment creating glorious tunes on the guitar and the husky voice is all I could want in a man!

His music is so beautiful and haunting, written from the heart and soul with the sweet daydream melody makes your heart melt.

His latest album 'Last smoke from the snowstorm' has so many wonderful songs that I cannot possibly choose my favourite!

Here is 'Pictures'


               Lots of love,

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Inhaler this guy


This guy is a beauty and the vibe of the 60's. He has the look, the music and the attitude.

What's not to love?

I fell in love, the moment I saw him at Y-NOT festival.

Enjoy ;)

Friday, 16 September 2011

The god of shoes.

Jeffrey Campbell

BE WARNED: Major craving, crying and sleepless nights from viewing.

Want these...

And these...

OH and these...

Ooohh yes please...


Oh dear, I like these a rather lot too...

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Does this man create anything 'meh' like?

And guys, guess what?!
This is only the 'Lita' collection...
Whatever beautiful creations will be created next?!

 I gotta say, when shopping I don't really take notice of shoes. Not sure why. Is it because high street shoes will never do for my fragile little tootsie vintage feet? Possibly. I have never been impressed by shoes in shops. But this, this is something special especially to get my attention. At over £100 each, I would definitly fork, dish and scrap any penny my name owns for one pair of these eccentric beauties. Have I been good this year, Santa?


Lots of love,

P.S The cosmic ones will be MINE.


Monday, 12 September 2011

The Rodnik Band

Wearable art meets unusual surrealism.

I came across this designer on the london fashion week site.
From his designs you can tell he is heavily influenced by Elsa Schaiparelli and Salavdor Dali,
with the lobster dress and telephone lobster creation.
Rodnik band show signs of pop art with bright colours and Andy Warhol designs.
Phillip mixes all things weird and wonderful to create these bizarre designs which
will defintly catch attention from london fashion week and shock the public.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Dot to dot: Oufit numero #8

This is what happens when I wear red lippy.
Destroy restaraunt property...

Hello there lavliess!
British birdiee here.
Hope you all had a delighful day in this 
B-E-A-UTIFUL weather! Best day for sun in weeks!
I purchased this little spotty playsuit from a charity shop. (As my lovely followers know most my wardrobe is charity ;)  It cost me £2.99! WOOP
I cut the bottom as it was quite a long playsuit and left it raw, cause A) I find it hard to get my sewing machine out... and 2) I like my clothes to look un-finished ;) I'm wearing my cult 'planet hollywood' jacket which J'ADORE.

Hope you are alll having a lovely week back at college/school!

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Geek chic

This is a very nerdy look for moi. I wore this yesterday on the second day of my new life as a fashion student. WOOP.

Short yet sweet, Love you alll.

what week?


If I was there, my goodness gracious I would be hyperventilating!
Of course, I would clear my schedule and visit Vivienne Westwood Red label collection. Her designs are so fun, imaginative and playful. They remind of me being a little girl and how I would dress my barbies and walk around wearing my hair in pigtails. The way she portrays her collections make you feel in a fantasy world of unicorns and flying pigs yet she designs the shape in such a feminine and grown-up way.

Vivienne Westwood Red label : Saturday 16th September 18:00

I am a fan of Topshop clothing although Topman appeals to me more in the way I dress. I Like to dress quite feminine but Topman clothing have the whole unisex thing going on. Some of their clothing looks inspired by some women's clothing and they seem more laid back yet up to date with the tee's, jumpers and accessories. It would be quite interesting to see the collection at London fashion week, especially for this A/W '11 trends.

Topman Design: Wednesday 21st September 12:30 MENSWEAR

HENRY HOLLAND. One of the many fabulous god's I worship in fashion. With a taste of delicious british fashion, House of Holland create beautiful prints with the love of bold and delightful colours splashed like fairydust and magic on clothing.

House Of Holland: Saturday 17th September 16:00

So Jel.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Debees Gig: Outfit numero #7

This little number is what I wore to a gig with my best friend. I wanted to wear my babies, my wedges ;), but I didn't want to dress up too much. So I wore my trusty Levi's and my Iron maiden tee.

Do you guys dress up when you go out or dress down?

Lots of lurveee,

Elsa Schiaparelli

This outrageous women is my ultimate hero.
Her rival at the time, Coco Chanel, was nothing compared to this art couture genius.
I could gush my heart out about her all day but the truth is, Schiaparelli has clearly influenced fashion over centuries, daring to be different and make a stand that women don't have to look beautiful all the time, interesting is so much more feminine.

Not even trained as a seamstress, her creative flare for surrealistic designs stunned the world as the unusual and quirky. Although, this caused problems for 'schiap' (her friends called her)  as her creations were so innovative yet easy to copy. Her designs lived on through copies of high street which was disappointing because Schiap was not only an artist but a extremely talented designer who inspired the world of anti-fashion.

Time magazine quoted;

“ Though her fame continues to spread, one thing keeps Schiaparelli, now in her middle thirties, from becoming the very smartest of the Paris dressmakers. Her designs are too easy to copy. The mutton sleeves and tray shoulders which she sponsored last year were instantly popular on the Champs-Elysees and Manhattan's Park Avenue. But it was not long before every little dress factory in Manhattan had copied them and from New York's 3rd Avenue to San Francisco's Howard Street millions of shop girls who had never heard of Schiaparelli were proudly wearing her models.” 

One particular celebrity I believe has been heavily influenced by Elsa Schiaparelli is none other than Lady Gaga.

If you see her eccentric clothing and accessories she has worn, comparing them to what Elsa has designed you can tell Miss Gaga is a fan.

                    The meat dress Gaga wore could have been inspired by Schiap's lamb chop hat:

                 Even the surrealistic lobster dress Elsa designed could have inspired her Lobster hat:

I could go on and on and on about how inspirational Elsa schiaparelli is and how she has helped shaped and create the world of fashion we live in today.

I don't believe Schiaparelli is given enough credit and appreciation for what she has done.

Yes, Coco Chanel is more remembered but in all honesty there was no creativity and freedom in her work compared to Schiap.

More people should be aware of Elsa Schiaparelli.

Rudi Gernreich

Gernreich was an american genius. 
His work was beyond decades creating futuristic designs that questioned society and cross dressing between men and women.
He worked along side model icon Peggy Moffitt and photographer William Claxton and after studying fabric design Gernreich created the most bold, daring prints that has influenced fashion today. 

Not only did Gernreich invent the monokini that shocked the world but his talent for creativity and new trends are still around today.