Thursday, 16 January 2014

Y O G A || Position of the day

I love yoga! I've been doing it for years on and off but i have recently started doing an hour everyday because i am so addicted! 
On my blog now each week I will do a yoga position of the day post. I would love to start doing videos soon so keep watching.
Yoga makes me feel so relaxed and intuitive and instead of doing hardcore cardio sessions, i would rather tone and become more flexible! 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Years!

1. Grow hair: I seriously need to stop dying, straightening, curling my hair! I have gone back to being a brunette now yay! But I have decided as my first goal I shall naturally wave my hair by leaving it in french plaits at night and only using the straighteners when in an emergency! I am determined to have long flowing bohemian hair by summer....Lets see shall we.

2. BE MORE MOTIVATED: In every single way possible! I will work out everyday without failure and carry on doing my yoga videos. Yes I said videos that makes me sound seriously dorky and old. I also need to blog a HELL of a lot more and keep pushing and working hard to grasp my dream by the horn of the unicorn.

3. Move away: Yes, I need to move away from where I live because there really is no exciting opportunities where I am. Preferably I would LOVE to be in London and working for Urban Outfitters with my own chilled out boho 90's indian style flat. I will make this happen! keep optimistic!

4. Get better at guitar: I have no confidence when it comes to performing in front of others especially when it comes to singing! I got a beautiful guitar off my boyfriends mum for Christmas (among some other AMAZING gifts) so I am determined to learn more chords and write songs like I used to do and even perform in front of others.

5. Little Miss Retro: This is my vintage business I have had since 2010 but it needs a makeover so I'll be naming it after my blog and start up building my business up again. Another incredible Christmas present off my boyfriends mum was a vintage singer sewing machine! This time round though I'll be making my business more spiritual and bohemian which is more my style but hopefully it will appeal to a wider audience. If any readers have any requests or items they would like being made please email me and let me know!

6. Get a full time retail job and travel!