Sunday, 29 April 2012

Inspiration/Crafty stitches fair

Hello all!
I managed to nick a laptop to write up a blog on a craft fair I went yesterday. Tehe.
At college I am designing and trying to find inspiration for my final garment so I ventured to the fair and took a fair few photos of what I found wonderful and share them with you.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

College/Fashion Illustrators

I came across this illustrator recently, briefly heard of her work from such magazines like Vogue, and instantly fell for the eccentric British style the illustrations show.

Daisy De Villeneuve

London born illustrator, designer and writer Daisy de Villeneuve has an eccentric style with her funky felt-tip illustrations that has fascinated clients such as Topshop, Vogue, Nike and Random house. Similar to Gruau she uses minimal line and bold colours to achieve a signature individual look. The figures form a fresh, young and ironic British flair displaying the peculiar style with bold colours in the hair and clothing. Villeneuve’s work has inspired high street stores with collaborating with her artwork for packaging for a promotional and attracting look. The lines are not as precise with proportions as Gruau but have a messy tendency that shows originality.
What I find interesting about her work is that I similarly use this sense of style with the quirkiness and individuality. I like people to identify my work with the look of unusual and flamboyancy and I will try and use felt tips in my work for colour and detail.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hello old fellows!

Oh dear, I feel so seperated from the blogging world these past few weeks.
Having no laptop (as it has completely died on me) has cost me from posting DIY's and outfits and college...
I WILL get it sorted though!
For now, this is a quick post/rant about how SOON I will be back to my old ways with a few tricks up my sleeves with my blog.
I cannot describe how much I miss it and the only reason I can access it now is at college!
*manic cries of desperation for blogging*

Love you all!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So the Easter holidays are over and it is back to reality of college...
I do enjoy college as I don't see it as a burden but more like a hobby, especially sketchbook work and researching designers.
Over the holidays I completed pages on my progress for the new brief which id building up to create my garment. I did a lot more research to inspire me for this garment as we don't do a collection until the second year.
What I decided to do was scrap the combintaion of cultures as I found that too many designers focus on this and I wanted to do something outside the box and bring something new to the table.
Before, I combined the mexican 'Day of the Dead' culture with the ancient Egyptains. I found it hard and it wasn't showing off the best of my ability so over 2 weeks I went back to my original Day of the Dead thread and found inspiration from burlesque pin-up girls, aesthetics, mirrors, arcitecture and lots more.
I will post images of my sketchbook to show how the flow of my work proceeds and links with the Day of the Dead.
I also researched into Fashion Designers and how they create a story/message/theme for their collection.
This furthur influenced me to create a deep meaning for my garment and to show this visually to my audience.
After reading about Alexander McQueen's 'Highland Rape' collection, I though how he expressed his colection was genuis. Dressing the models to look as if they had been raped by rips, blood splatters and messed hair created the image of a literal rape but in fact the story was focused on the 'rape' between Scotland and England and how they fought for their indepence.