Saturday, 28 July 2012

D.I.Y Inspiration: Lace maxi skirt

After this shoot I am bursting with bubbling ideas!
I ventured to abakhan in Liverpool yesterday and bought metres and metres of lace for only £5!
So I am debating on making a lace maxi skirt simalar to this one or a vintage inspired lace dress?
What do you think guys?!
I also want to make the harness bralet in the image above too with chains so keep reading...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A/W 2012 MIISTA: Electric Witches

I first found out about this spectacular footwear brand when I was browsing through my company magazine awhile ago. As soon as I set my eyes upon the Batilda's. And Oh. My. God. That very moment is when I began my footwear frenzy. They are not just shoes, but the holy grail of fashion forward art. I simply had to have a pair and although they are rather pricey you would be getting a pair of  high-quality and the next new blogger shoe that you will remember when you are 64 years old. They are not just shoes.
I haven't had the opportunity to purchase a pair yet as I missed the 'cheaper tweet' campaign they launched in January which when I found out I CRIED FOR DAYS. They were selling at the end of this campaign Miista shoes for as cheap as £1!!! And this was when I came back from my birthday holiday!! BOO.
But after seeing this A/W collection of Electric Witches I am now saving (collecting pennies as I type) for ALL of them. Yes, I maybe in debt after this but surely it will be worth it?
Men obviously do not understand the concept of shoes but us women know that a pair of shoes simply create an outfit and without them we would look like a cross between homeless hobo and if we can pull it off a bare-footed hippy. Which will clearly look wrong if you are out and about...

Anyway, enough of my gabbing I now present to you ELECTRIC WITCHES:

WARNING: Severe cases of shoe madness, may last for a couple of weeks until after purchase (Not guaranteed).

Words and actions cannot even begin to express how much I love how they styled this shoot!!
Its a impeccable combination of victorian gothic, 90's clueless, pagan and masculine elements, throw in boy george and his karma chameleon, add a sprinkle of bohemien hippy with a teaspoon of futuristic punk and you got yourself the electric witch collection.
I am so intrigued and get excited everytime my eyes fall upon this lookbook that I am going to have to hunt down the stylist and ask to work for them!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Waiting for the sun

This outfit is paying contribution to the crazy yet beautifully poetic Jim Morrison.
After watching the movie with the very gorgeous Val Kilmer, I began to understand the true concept of his songs and the weird yet meaningful lyrics he composes.
I have also ordered the biography: No one gets out here alive which I am ridiculously looking forward to reading. I love to read books about icons and especially music legends.
So this outfit consists of my sticky leather pants and a DIY cropped striped shirt which I got from H&M the men's department awhile ago.
I also purchased this tattoo choker awhile ago off eBay and I have wanted to show you all on my blog for months!
I absolutely love this choker and I remember when I was younger going to vintage tractor and car rallies and buying these for a hell of a lot cheaper! I used to get the matching bracelet and ring but unfortunately couldn't find these anywhere so I settled for just the choker.
Also the boots I am wearing cost me £5 but the sole came off today when I was dancing in the kitchen (my bad).
So I am back for good (unless my naughty laptop wants to play games with me again) and will be posting more outfits but I want to inject a few other posts involving make-up, music and if course a couple DIY's!
I have recently just become a Body Shop consultant which I am absolutely loving! As well as having my own vintage business, doing this alongside (which brings in alot more money!) the vintage I am learning about make-up, skincare and fragrances and being a lot more sociable by taking booking for Body Shop parties and organising them!



Hey guys I am back!
FINALLY had the money to get my laptop fixed and will be here to stay of course!
I wanted to post a few things that I am loving at the moment and then I will do the outfit posts, D.I.Y's and lots of other new posts I am sure you guys will love!

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