Thursday, 19 July 2012

Waiting for the sun

This outfit is paying contribution to the crazy yet beautifully poetic Jim Morrison.
After watching the movie with the very gorgeous Val Kilmer, I began to understand the true concept of his songs and the weird yet meaningful lyrics he composes.
I have also ordered the biography: No one gets out here alive which I am ridiculously looking forward to reading. I love to read books about icons and especially music legends.
So this outfit consists of my sticky leather pants and a DIY cropped striped shirt which I got from H&M the men's department awhile ago.
I also purchased this tattoo choker awhile ago off eBay and I have wanted to show you all on my blog for months!
I absolutely love this choker and I remember when I was younger going to vintage tractor and car rallies and buying these for a hell of a lot cheaper! I used to get the matching bracelet and ring but unfortunately couldn't find these anywhere so I settled for just the choker.
Also the boots I am wearing cost me £5 but the sole came off today when I was dancing in the kitchen (my bad).
So I am back for good (unless my naughty laptop wants to play games with me again) and will be posting more outfits but I want to inject a few other posts involving make-up, music and if course a couple DIY's!
I have recently just become a Body Shop consultant which I am absolutely loving! As well as having my own vintage business, doing this alongside (which brings in alot more money!) the vintage I am learning about make-up, skincare and fragrances and being a lot more sociable by taking booking for Body Shop parties and organising them!


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