Wednesday, 30 January 2013


D.I.Y Leather jacket
Ganesh top: Ebay £12
Fishnet tights: Ebay £3
Biker boots: £5

Words cannot even describe how amazeballs it is! So I may have to start posting videos if me happy/crazy dancing in my clothes. 'Cause that is how I roll.
Top top off my cake with cream and a cherry, chocolate sauce and a dash of sprinkles my boyfriend bought me these shorts!!
They are have spikes on them (so I feel like a dinosaur) and gorgeous tapestry print on the pockets. (Excuse my ass on one of the pictures...)
He has also bought me a tapestry style dress which was for christmas and some disco pant style trousers for my birthday which I will post pics of shoon. Spoilt much? ;)
I am also wearing my tattoo choker which I haven't worn in awhile, since this top was really decorative I decided to just opt for my choker instead of piling on my usual crystals...
I maybe living in this outfit for days now. Oh dear, oh dear.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Red Face

Hello ladies and guys,

This is a quick outfit post as I am off out to a friends tonight, slumber party ;)
These 'disco-pants-which-arent-so-much-disco-cause-they-are more-leather-but-I-love-them-more' are what a close friend bought me for my birthday and I was saving them for a gig but I couldn't resist wearing them because they are sooo comfy and look HAWT. Yes, I said hawt, I am a dork.
I also cannot stop wearing this top, I love the style of the neck and how it shows part of my shoulders and make my arms look like chicken wings from KFC...
Also the brown jacket in one of the pictures is A DELIGHTFUL BARGAIN I snagged todayy for only £1!!!!!!!
I cannot decide if I should keep or give to my boyfriend...HMM
Oh and I like blurry photos, they distract from my weird pulling faces :)


Friday, 25 January 2013

D.I.Y Inspiration: ASOS scarf jacket

When my eyes fell upon this angel from heaven I instantly drooled and fell off my spinninng chair.
MY GARD, what a beauty this is. I then fell into a cardiac arrest when I glanced at this price....



This then inspired me to begin back to my D.I.Y projects again!
i have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to do any which is a shame as I spent my life doing D.I.Y's before college got even harder...
But a genuis idea spiked my drink and I thought I could base this jacket on my FMP collection and use this as an example of my ideas and concepts for one of my garments.


A D.I.Y is own its wayyyyyyy

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

fragment memories

Check shirt: Primark
Skater skirt: £5 from a shop in Crewe
Belt: £1 from charity shop
Creepers: £17 from Ebay
Necklace: D.I.Y
Fishnet tights: £3 from Ebay
Rings and things: SALE jewellery of course ;)

Hello guys, I'm backkk!
Sorry for the delay of outfit posts college has been manic so far and I have had to seriously up my game. So it looks like I am putting Uni off ANOTHER year but I am taking a 1 year photography course to help support my UCAS next year when I apply for LCF.
London is my dream and I will not settle for anything less!
So this is a punk inspired outfit post because I love me some punk influence and I had to wear this new skirt I bought the other day!
I have also been spending WAY to much money on Ebay and throughly been taking advantage of the money in my piggy bank. OOPS.
I also got a tattoo for my 19th birthday present and I LAV LAV LAVVVVEEE IT :)

Friday, 11 January 2013