Friday, 19 April 2013

Vanilla Sky

Dress from Topshop (sale) :£15
D.I.Y Leather jacket
Tights from primark: £1
Army boots from car boot: £2.50 ish?

Helloo glorious weekend, what are you guys up too?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sound to Bay

T-shirt from charity shop: £1
Denim jacket from car boot: 50p
Chunky 90's boots: £1
D.I.Y Suspender leggings
I am currently stuck in a hair rut. Since I decided to chop my fringe a lil shorter it just doesn't look right as a middle parting! BOO YOU WHORE. So The past few weeks I have been sporting the creepy greasy combover fashioned by a 40 year old virgin male with ridicolousy maginified glasses rocking in the corner wearing camel toe pants... When in the fantasy world I thought I would look more baywatch, running on the beach with beautifully windswept and sea salty tousled hair. Life never gives you hair like this. EVER.
Anyway I wanted to post this outfit as I don't think I have done an outfit post wearing these suspender leggings. I did a mini D.I.Y at home after seeing this idea a few months ago on nasty gal (BUM THAT SHOP). It was really simple and anyone that wants to make a pair go for it!
But one crucial tip:
(My friend will greatly appreciate this comment. Babe you know who you are ;)
I think you all know why... You can see your ass. It ain't pretty either when you walk into a pub and see weird old men with their beers stare at your innocent lil cheeks. Ergh.
I also purchased this top awhile ago from the £1 charity shop where I live and only started wearing it recently as I wasn't sure how to style it. But now I live in this baby. PARTY IN MY TOP (not the pants ok?)
My boots were from the same shop (I am a regular as you can tell and a cheap bugger that cannot afford normal priced clothing) and remind me of 90's clueless with a hint of buffy the vampire slayer and the witch film 'The craft'. Being a 90's kid I really do bum off that decade with the ugly chunky shoes, the gothic phase, the sickly sweet girly stage and of course THE SPICE GIRLS. GIRL POWER.

I am also a bit of a freak when it comes to cameras. I am an obsessive collective and when I am earning enough dough I'm gonna find film on eBay to fill all my old fashioned cameras up and get to work on my photography skills!

Toile Diary: Biker Aurora Jacket

Jacket Pattern:
This was an image that was an example of how to construct my biker jacket.

Adapted collar pattern 

Final Colar pattern

Final lapel patterns (front of biker jacket)

Final sleeve pattern

Adapted sleeve pattern

I slashed and reduced the sleeve so it was more fitted towards the wrist area. 

Back bodice pattern piece. 

 I turned the lapel inside out and pinned the collar to the neckline (right side to right side.) I measured the centre collar and neckline to match the notches.

 I then pinned the flap of fabric from the lapel to the collar, to sandwich it between the collar and jacket.

This is my finished toile but all I need to do is hem, add the buckles and belt loops and the lining.

This image shows that I didn't sew the collar in the lapel right and that is why it i rounded. 

This is part of the front of the jacket where I need to take in part of the dart. I may leave this though because I love the boxy shape my jacket has achieved. 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rainbow high

Denim D.I.Y Jacket
Hippy jumper: Stole of boyfriend
Boots from New Look (Years ago)
Army Bag from market: £3.99 (D.I.Y studs)

This is a quick outfit post because our electric decided to switch off and my laptop is STUPIDILY slow and currently the same age as a 50 million year old fossil...
I wanted to share this outfit because it is quite laid back and casual but I fell head over ass with this hippy jumper and HAD to kidnap it off my boyfriend. Me and that hippy jumper make sweet SUGAR lurve together...

Monday, 15 April 2013

Cruel Intentions

I haven't posted in so long! I miss it so much so I am gonna try and post more outfits and hopefully D.I.Y'S. I am currently creating my fashion collection for college so haven't had an awful lot of time to do my blog. But I will have posts to show you of my progress.
Anyway because this B-E-A-UTIFUL weather I felt very retro and threw on my spotty playsuit that I thrifted from a charity shop. It was originally down to my knees but I love short and playful items way too much and hacked it. YES I HACK WAY TOO MUCH. I even left the hem raw because I love clothing that doesn't look to neat and tailored as it isn't really my style. That is why I get frowned upon a lot...OH WELL ;)