Monday, 31 October 2011

the 80's

In college we research a decade and complete this in our portfolio.
One of the artists i have fallen in love with is Barbara Kruger.
Her work is so passionate yet simplistic.

This is one of my favourite images, it expresses feminism, sexism, consumerism and imbalance of equality. The image is split down the middle, black and white, which reminds me of the ying yang symbolism of negative and positives. It could even signify man VS women as the image looks quite old, possibly a 1950's housewife when women did not have a lot of independency and men were in control. This is why the 80's was one of my favourite decades as Margaret Thatcher ran the country as prime minister and influenced woman to be powerful and independent. Women in this decade were healthy, confident women that felt comfortable in their own skin yet the pressure of being beautiful took its toll on a lot of women. Women posed and modelled for many advertisements since the 20's and became a sex symbol for men which again was a 'battleground' reference to Kruger's work. The 'battleground' refers to how women struggle with their bodies and its a never ending game of winning and losing themselves and getting lost in the image of 'perfection'.

Each image has a deep meaning behind it.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Nearly CHRISTMAS time! :Outfit numero #9

Hello Lavlies!
This is the poncho I made/finished sunday night. It's a christmassy pattern with reindeers! I am feeling really festive recently, as summer ends your mind switches straight to christmas mode and your already thinking of wrapping up warm next to the fire with hot cocoa, ahhhh.

The poncho is SO simple to make, it is basically a long length rectangular shape, sew the edges for the armholes and it is finished! Of course, if you have a difficult material you must hem the edges. I am also on the hunt for a brown leather buckle I can add to the front as it flies open a lot...I am wearing a top underneath!

Lots of love,

Sunday, 9 October 2011

You skirty mare

Helloo there!

In college on Thursdays we have pattern cutting day which is the practical day of the week. I love sewing and making, so I can tell this will be my favourite day!

Last Thursday we made a simple skirt (not finished) for our folders as an example toile (practice piece).

We spent the day creating a block from card, then repeating this on paper to produce a pattern which we then used on fabric to create a practice piece.

Here are my blocks and Toile:

Also I have finally finished my DIY poncho! After having lots of work at college and having hardly any spare time I managed to sew the rest of it today!
So I shall post this up this week with my sisters camera tehehe :D

On saturday night I was supposed to see 'All the young' in Stoke but fell ill! I was soo gutted, I felt like sobbing so here's a lavely song from this awesome band...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Helloooo there!
Off to a fashion museum tommorow with college, I love museums! I am such a geek...
I love learning about the history of fashion which we will be looking at tommorow, so I will post photos of happenings and pictures I have drawn.

My BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH ticket has just come through the post!!! YEEEPP.
So excited, here's a beautiful song by Mr Leftwich...

See you soon,