Monday, 10 October 2011

Nearly CHRISTMAS time! :Outfit numero #9

Hello Lavlies!
This is the poncho I made/finished sunday night. It's a christmassy pattern with reindeers! I am feeling really festive recently, as summer ends your mind switches straight to christmas mode and your already thinking of wrapping up warm next to the fire with hot cocoa, ahhhh.

The poncho is SO simple to make, it is basically a long length rectangular shape, sew the edges for the armholes and it is finished! Of course, if you have a difficult material you must hem the edges. I am also on the hunt for a brown leather buckle I can add to the front as it flies open a lot...I am wearing a top underneath!

Lots of love,


Ask Erena said...

Great look! Love your top! Thank you for your lovely comments. Just followed you. Hope you will follow me back.
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

British Birdie... said...

Awh why thankyou! Your welcome, I am addicted to your blog! :D YOu lucky thing in New York! ahha
OOH i am quite new to blogger, I thought i was following you! Will check again though :D xx

Twiggs said...

Arh I love this poncho well done!!
looks fabuloussss xxxx

ace blog btw you are gorge.

Lydia said...

cute outfit!

Great blog.