Sunday, 31 July 2011

Rock 'n' Rolla :Outfit numero #6

Iron maiden tee from HMV: 2 for £20
High waisted jeans (RALPH LAUREN) from charity shop: £4
Ballet slippers.......birthday prezziee.

Hello lovilies!
These are quite old photos but I haven't any batteries (AGAIN) *sigh*
My silly camera aye? SO glad you cannot see my face as it's either cut out or flashed...
Today I'm actually wearing my vintage Calvin Klein dungerees which are my beauties!
Offa ebay for *gulp* 30 smackers! BUT I couldn't resist and I got them a while back in january just in time for summer!
Willllllll have to post £10 shopping challenge up soon! I have so many £10 outfits it will shock you how much of a bargainista I am.

See you all soon!

Friday, 29 July 2011

70's Flashback :Outfit numero #5


Hello all! Hope you enjoyed yesterdays DIY, sorry it was a day late but I have been preparing for awesome things for this blog to share with you wonderful people! I have just finished watching Justin Bieber: Never say never and bless him! I don't see why people hate him so much?! He is adorable and works so hard to be where he is today. His father left when he was a baby and I can relate to that but that didn't stop him following his dream, it made him stronger. Oh, god soppy part over! Basically, I love him (not the crazed over-hysterical type). Today, I wore this lavely little number. The skirt was from the charity shop I work in and so is, umm, everything I'm wearing! hehe! Hope you all have had a lovely day and what do you think about Justin Bieber? Lots of love,

Thursday, 28 July 2011

DIY Wednesday (on a thursday!)

Helloo there M'lovlies!
I wanted to post this yesterday but of course my camera had to die on me and I had no batteries in the house! :(

This floral shirt was an utter bargain of mine for 30p! ;D
I loved the fact it was a shirt and I could wear it baggy but when it came to styling it with something, I felt hopeless...
SO, I hacked of the shoulders! My solution to clothing is cut and wear.
Now I have cut it I wanna wear it all the time! (with a small boobtube underneath)
I admit I cut it a bit deep, but when it came to wearing it I loved the fact you could see my black bandeau underneath.

Step one:

Get a cheap shirt (charity shop OR Dad's closet).

Step Two:

Look in the mirror and with either tailors chalk in blue OR a brown eyeliner (can be washed off if you don't cut too deep) and draw on the shirt how you want the shirt to hang. E.G From the neckline (where collar is) to the end of your shoulder/beginning of arm.

Step Three:

Cut this along the line you drew and fold the shirt in half to draw another line on the side to make it symmetrical and then cut along this.

Step Four:

For the extra secure vibe, tuck in about 1cm of the shirt (where you cut) and sew all along for a neat finish!

(I like using this word to finish the step to step guide!)

You have a completely new look and girls lets show off our best parts, the shoulders and chest! ahahah!

See you soon lovelies!!

P.S Yes, I'm wearing fancy dress glasses when I dressed up as a hippy last year...Good job I kept them for this John Lennon trend that's going around!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Little mermaid: Outfit Numero #4

'Ello dearies,
Outfit for today was a bright green playsuit from beyond retro : £25 styled with orange lippy from Barry M. This clearly made me look more mermaidy-ish like although I quite like this, looking odd and different is how I roll. ;D
OH and the army boots were from a car boot for £4! EAK. I kept a minimal look today with no accessories apart from my LIPS (and rings) because I wanted to show off bright colours instead of chains and pendants and that hanging from my neck. Plus I rode my bicycle so my neck would have been pulled off from the long boho necklaces I usually wear!

See you soon!

Charity shop hauls!

'Planet Hollywood' denim jacket: £4.50
Aztec Cardigan: £1.99
Jimi hendrix tee: £2.99
Black see-through top: £2.99


How you doing lavlies?

Weather has been beautiful today, don't you think? SUN SUN SUN IS FUN :D
Another bike ride in town today with mummy and a perfect excuse to go the charity shop and buy the clothes I put aside! HEHEHE!

Short but sweet post today to show off my charity hauls and LOVES which I will be taking to YNOT festival next week! YES, next week. SO excited! Will be taking lots of photos for you all so you can experience second time fun.

Love you all!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Plain Jane: Outfit numero #3

Grey tee from charity shop: £2.75
Shorts from charity shop(Chopped up a pair of jeans): £1.99
Belt from primark (My prize possesion!) £1
Ying yang necklace: Handmade CHARM £1
Locket necklace from Claires: £6
Cross necklace: Handmade
Ring from claires: £3.50

Hello there, darlin's!
Been a loonnnggg day....Don't you think? No? Then you haven't been babysitting your little sisters (MONSTERS) all day. I felt my outfit today was a 'plain jane' kinda look with a basic grey tee and high-waisted shorts purchased from a wonderful little charity shop! I work in a charity shop which is THE most delightful way to spend days when I am at home 'cause all I do is eat, EAT, and watch TV... That and DIY all my clothes until I have nothing left in my wardrobe.
But yes, I do a lot of awesome things like customizing, window displays and sorting through stock (which includes ALOT of beautiful rare gems of vintage! Working at a charity shop gives you first hand look at retail (which I'm reallllllly interested in) AND clothing!!! YAHHAHAH!

I have at the moment a yummy aztec-ish cardi and a XL mens beauty : Planet hollywood denim jacket!! Its AMAZINGGG. When I have the money to buy them (!) I will post images up of them, you will fall in love instantly! OH, and they also have these GORGEOUS big gemstone rings which I will be buying!
They will have no shop left at this rate. Hehehehe.

Will be posting the £10 shopping challenge up tomorow!

Lots of lovieee,


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Little post that means alot!

I just wanted to say a HUUUGGEE thank you to all 17 of my beautiful followers so far!

You give me a reason to blog and inspire my DIY post!

Please keep commenting, would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

Tell all your friends, there will be a surprise giveaway when I reach 50 followers so help me, help you!


Lots of kisses!

Crochet mochet...

Hello there beauties!
I thought I would make a quick post of these lavely necklaces I made a few weeks back!
Crochet is very in this summer, seen over the catwalks and I wanted to make them look as though they are a collar necklace for any outfit!

You can buy them on my website:  (need to buy domain but taking too long!)

What do you think of them? Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

I'm also a new blogger so I would love to build friendships with other bloggers and followers, I'm a friendly yet crazy person so don't be shy!

Lots of love,


DIY Sleeveless tees



I made this post yesterday but my images wouldn't load!
Sorry about the lateness!

'Ello there!
Because I was feeling extra 'blogging moodie' today I though I would post a DIY sleeveless tee.
They are pretty simple to do, if you do it right, 'cause usually if you cut it wrong it can fray and get ruined in the wash. OOPSIEE.

These tees have been round for awhile but they don't seem to be disappearing as it's summertime!
They are also really flattering for girls with wide hips as the masculine shape at the top acsensuates the tiny waist if worn with high waisted shorts and skirts. A skinny belt gives the obvious divide but a larger belt helps the waist look teeny weeny!

Step one:

I bought a cheap mens tee for £2!

Step two:

Inside the shirt there is a seam along the armhole where they attached it. INSTEAD of cutting along the seam (you could if you want a frayed effect) unpick the seam inside and take out the arm.

Step three:

Tuck inside 1.5cm (for seam allowance) of now sleeveless tee and sew along until the edge is neat and finished!


If you don't have a sewing machine you can cut the arm off BUT you must leave the seam untouched as this stops the arm becoming TOO frayed although it will have a slight frayed edge.

 What do you think??

Lots of love,


Thursday, 21 July 2011

New logo!

OK, It didn't turn out so well cause I took it with my camera and my camera is ridicously shocking.

I am going to upload another image but will try and scan it in computer blah de blahh. Too technical for my liking!
But yes, tell me what you think and you can be honest, cause to me it looks c***.

Hahah, see you tomorow!


Casual bike ride: Outfit numero #2

Tie-knot top from charity shop: £2.99
Leggings from matalan: £4
Faux leather jacket from primark last year: £20
Badges: From around the world and festivals!
Small cameo necklace: Handmade

Hello there!
This outfit was kinda laid back today because wearing a skirt on a bike is pretty revealing. Let's leave it at that...
A little sneak peek about my outfit: The top from the charity shop was a utter bargain, I love me some barganious buys and I LOVE shoppppiiing! Going tomorow for a browse, Okay BIG shop knowing me!
I just wanted to say a few things about my photos, I only edit the brightness and that because I wanna show you my outfits NOT because I want t have flawless skin because I really don't have and you can tell in these! Which I really not bothered about because noone has perfect skin.
Really didn't do much today apart from a bike ride, which reminds me I must take a photo of my new bike with the basket on the front!!
So I moved my bedroom around again, I sound like a crazy person locked up but I really can't live in a place that stays the same for soo long. I like change. :)
My hair is pinned back at the sides which I have done for sooo long now as my layers annoy me and my face. Hahah.
I have a new obsession with choc hob nobs, been nibbling on them all day!
Really need to lay off the junk food so I can have a beach body (which will never happen) but with this english weather I won't really need to take off my cardi...

What do you think? Be honest! ahaha :D
Lots of love,
British Bird

Umm yes please...

BE WARNED: Browsing through these images will cause excessive shopping and impulse buying.



I found out about these wonders ageeees ago in a magazine and thought I would dedicate a post based on them.
Runawaydreamz offer these sexy little customized shorts in soo many different styles.
The only downside to them is their price...
Have a look for yourself. :S

So in one of my DIY posts I will show you how to style your shorts in a very simalar style but for cheaper!

Watch this space girlies and guys!

British Bird