Sunday, 24 July 2011

DIY Sleeveless tees



I made this post yesterday but my images wouldn't load!
Sorry about the lateness!

'Ello there!
Because I was feeling extra 'blogging moodie' today I though I would post a DIY sleeveless tee.
They are pretty simple to do, if you do it right, 'cause usually if you cut it wrong it can fray and get ruined in the wash. OOPSIEE.

These tees have been round for awhile but they don't seem to be disappearing as it's summertime!
They are also really flattering for girls with wide hips as the masculine shape at the top acsensuates the tiny waist if worn with high waisted shorts and skirts. A skinny belt gives the obvious divide but a larger belt helps the waist look teeny weeny!

Step one:

I bought a cheap mens tee for £2!

Step two:

Inside the shirt there is a seam along the armhole where they attached it. INSTEAD of cutting along the seam (you could if you want a frayed effect) unpick the seam inside and take out the arm.

Step three:

Tuck inside 1.5cm (for seam allowance) of now sleeveless tee and sew along until the edge is neat and finished!


If you don't have a sewing machine you can cut the arm off BUT you must leave the seam untouched as this stops the arm becoming TOO frayed although it will have a slight frayed edge.

 What do you think??

Lots of love,



Sarah said...

These pictures are great and they turned out fab! I should definitely try this, I didn't realise how easy it was!


x_megann said...

Wauw, those shirts are amazing, I'm gonna try it by myself. Wish me luck x]

Thanks for your comment btw! I'm a follower now (:


Confessions of a British Bird... said...

Thanks Sarah! You should try it out and post it on your blog :D

British bird x

campervansandcake said...

Cute DIY idea, did you make the stencil on the white one or not? :) I'm following x

Confessions of a British Bird... said...

Unfortunatly not! Its a festival tee :D But I have transfered pictures of t-shirts before, I will have to post them and show you! Thank you for the comment :) xx