Monday, 25 July 2011

Plain Jane: Outfit numero #3

Grey tee from charity shop: £2.75
Shorts from charity shop(Chopped up a pair of jeans): £1.99
Belt from primark (My prize possesion!) £1
Ying yang necklace: Handmade CHARM £1
Locket necklace from Claires: £6
Cross necklace: Handmade
Ring from claires: £3.50

Hello there, darlin's!
Been a loonnnggg day....Don't you think? No? Then you haven't been babysitting your little sisters (MONSTERS) all day. I felt my outfit today was a 'plain jane' kinda look with a basic grey tee and high-waisted shorts purchased from a wonderful little charity shop! I work in a charity shop which is THE most delightful way to spend days when I am at home 'cause all I do is eat, EAT, and watch TV... That and DIY all my clothes until I have nothing left in my wardrobe.
But yes, I do a lot of awesome things like customizing, window displays and sorting through stock (which includes ALOT of beautiful rare gems of vintage! Working at a charity shop gives you first hand look at retail (which I'm reallllllly interested in) AND clothing!!! YAHHAHAH!

I have at the moment a yummy aztec-ish cardi and a XL mens beauty : Planet hollywood denim jacket!! Its AMAZINGGG. When I have the money to buy them (!) I will post images up of them, you will fall in love instantly! OH, and they also have these GORGEOUS big gemstone rings which I will be buying!
They will have no shop left at this rate. Hehehehe.

Will be posting the £10 shopping challenge up tomorow!

Lots of lovieee,


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