Wednesday, 6 July 2011


On the first day at a college taster day we were asked to investigate a designer we have never heard of.
Funnily enough, I came across one of the most influenuental designer known to the inspire British fashion today!

                                       Her name is Zandra Rhodes.

Zandra had no formal training whatsoever in the textile industry which gave her label a fresh approach to fashion and the idea of D.I.Y clothing the edge of anyone can make clothes.

She traveled around the world venturing through cultures and her work reflected  these special cultures which absorbed her focus of experience. The clash of bright colors and prints showed her eccentric taste in being different the and freedom of her personality won the hearts of many designers today who are inspired by her work.

When researching Zandra Rhodes, i fell in love with her instantly as a mirage of colors and craziness composed my screen! Shes expresses what she likes and never seemed to follow trends which ironically has made her an icon everywhere today!

Zandra Rhodes quotes:

"I am tired of good taste. I want to do everything wrong and get a result that is of value and valid as well."

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