Thursday, 28 July 2011

DIY Wednesday (on a thursday!)

Helloo there M'lovlies!
I wanted to post this yesterday but of course my camera had to die on me and I had no batteries in the house! :(

This floral shirt was an utter bargain of mine for 30p! ;D
I loved the fact it was a shirt and I could wear it baggy but when it came to styling it with something, I felt hopeless...
SO, I hacked of the shoulders! My solution to clothing is cut and wear.
Now I have cut it I wanna wear it all the time! (with a small boobtube underneath)
I admit I cut it a bit deep, but when it came to wearing it I loved the fact you could see my black bandeau underneath.

Step one:

Get a cheap shirt (charity shop OR Dad's closet).

Step Two:

Look in the mirror and with either tailors chalk in blue OR a brown eyeliner (can be washed off if you don't cut too deep) and draw on the shirt how you want the shirt to hang. E.G From the neckline (where collar is) to the end of your shoulder/beginning of arm.

Step Three:

Cut this along the line you drew and fold the shirt in half to draw another line on the side to make it symmetrical and then cut along this.

Step Four:

For the extra secure vibe, tuck in about 1cm of the shirt (where you cut) and sew all along for a neat finish!

(I like using this word to finish the step to step guide!)

You have a completely new look and girls lets show off our best parts, the shoulders and chest! ahahah!

See you soon lovelies!!

P.S Yes, I'm wearing fancy dress glasses when I dressed up as a hippy last year...Good job I kept them for this John Lennon trend that's going around!


Jess said...

this is such a fabulous idea! I love it :) xxx

Confessions of a British Bird... said...

Thankyou! Hope you enjoyed it :D xxx

Sarah-Rebecca said...

so awesome! I am going to have to try this XD you are a legend of DIY!

xx Sarah