Friday, 29 July 2011

70's Flashback :Outfit numero #5


Hello all! Hope you enjoyed yesterdays DIY, sorry it was a day late but I have been preparing for awesome things for this blog to share with you wonderful people! I have just finished watching Justin Bieber: Never say never and bless him! I don't see why people hate him so much?! He is adorable and works so hard to be where he is today. His father left when he was a baby and I can relate to that but that didn't stop him following his dream, it made him stronger. Oh, god soppy part over! Basically, I love him (not the crazed over-hysterical type). Today, I wore this lavely little number. The skirt was from the charity shop I work in and so is, umm, everything I'm wearing! hehe! Hope you all have had a lovely day and what do you think about Justin Bieber? Lots of love,

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Sarah-Rebecca said...

Looking gorgeous as always :) will check out your DIY post in a min.

The skirt is beautiful, charity shops always have hidden gems if you look properly. I first thought it was a dress! It goes great with the black top :)

Not a huge Justin Bieber fan, but I'm not like an insane hater of him - he has done amazingly for his age, and as you have mentioned, he's had a hard life. I think people forget that popstars are real people and have problems and lives like the rest of us!

xx Sarah