Sunday, 31 July 2011

Rock 'n' Rolla :Outfit numero #6

Iron maiden tee from HMV: 2 for £20
High waisted jeans (RALPH LAUREN) from charity shop: £4
Ballet slippers.......birthday prezziee.

Hello lovilies!
These are quite old photos but I haven't any batteries (AGAIN) *sigh*
My silly camera aye? SO glad you cannot see my face as it's either cut out or flashed...
Today I'm actually wearing my vintage Calvin Klein dungerees which are my beauties!
Offa ebay for *gulp* 30 smackers! BUT I couldn't resist and I got them a while back in january just in time for summer!
Willllllll have to post £10 shopping challenge up soon! I have so many £10 outfits it will shock you how much of a bargainista I am.

See you all soon!


Sarah-Rebecca said...

Damn evil cameras and dying batteries :P

I really like the ballet slippers! They are so cute, another exciting twist for flat shoes. And even though your face is flashed, you still look gorgeous!

OOO yes £10 shopping challenge would make an awesome post - I am always amazed at your charity shop finds!

xx Sarah

Ivonne said...

I LOVE your ballet slippers. They're super cute! :D

x, I