Thursday, 7 July 2011

"I'm free-I'm free, AN' I'm waiting for you to follow me"

Nothing feels better than the sun beaming down and the warmth on your face. Until you get sunburnt.
As I'm as pale as milk bottle so I tend to end the sunny day with a tomato face and goggle eyes which makes me look like a chav with too much faketan caked on their face.
So this gave me an excuse to do a little retail therapy!

As I haven't spent money in over a month (which feels FOREVER) for a retro style bike with a basket this wandering the town for hats made me rather happy. Okay, I had a £5 budget and since we only have Dorothy Perkins, New look and Vetir I was pretty much screwed. Well, I would of been if I wasn't such a charity shop pyscho. So I ditched the everyday high street stores and began rummaging frantically in all the charity shops I could find!

Okay, Okay, I got slightly distracted with all the vintage clothing and sequined jackets BUT after an hour or so I seemed to find THE ONE. The perfect little straw floppy hat was sitting pretty on a hat rack in the last charity shop i went too. £4. YES, 4 ickle pounds!! I was overjoyed and casually while quietly shrieking to myself snatched the hat off the rack and headed straight to the till.
So I had one pound change and decided to buy a blueberry muffin from maccies to celebrate my victory purchase. NOMNOMNOM.

So after this trip to town I began to research online about the floppy hats and literally every store sold these hats for £18 odd pounds. I was so chuffed i decided to blog about this, post some photos and give you the very few stores that sell these 70's wonders at a wonderful price!

1. Tesco F&F: Wide rimmed hat with fabric tie. £3.50 !!!!

2. New Look: Wool felted floppy hat. £9.99.

The cheapest of the high street me thinks but I personally wouldn't pay this much unless I couldn't find it anywhere else. Although, they have a vary of different colours so If you wanted to be daring this is the hat for you.

3. Miss Selfridge: Open weave floppy hat. £5.00 ON SALE, so buy now!

These were the best I could find, but if you find any more bargains please comment!
These floppy hats have owned the Spring/summer 11 catwalk and this year have replaced the summer trilby. The new key trend for festivals!

What to wear:

Best worn with:
Super wide leg palazzo trousers with skinny belt,
Aztec tee, 
Lots of gold boho jewelery such as gold bangles, long gemstone necklaces and large stone rings.

Or even a mini dress and ankle tie wedges for a late summer night BBQ.

It came with a beachy style tie which I love, BUT you can always change the tie on the hat to match an outfit such as a black tie, animal, floral aztec, anything you like!

Lots of rings and things! Block colour is very on trend and nails always
 look lovely with a splash of colour!

                                           I hope you find one! Please comment if you do.

                                                                   Lots of Love,

                                                                    British Bird


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