Friday, 8 July 2011

I like to splash in muddy puddles and dance around in wellies

I think it's summertime.
Raining and cloudy, typical British summer weather.
And where else do I go but chester zoo for the big toddle!

Hahah, not me guys (unfortunatly I didn't get a medal, my baby brother did) but it was a chance to wear my festival wellies from last year. Not only did I splash around in puddles but they are SOO comfortable! Anyone else agree that people should wear wellies everywhere they go?! Well, not all of you are as crazy as me so probabaly not.

For weather like this, I decided to wear a midi floral skirt (Granny-chic) ;), a biscuit coloured tie-front top, skinny brown belt and the essential leather jacket embellished with lots of vintage badges ;).

I don't own a khaki/green parka because A) I don't have £30 too spend on one and B) EVERYONE owns one which has put me off. Instead why not buy an Army/military one?

I have to admit I love the festival section in magazines but festival season isn't all about green parkas and hunter wellies. I would love a pair of hunters but why pay £50 on them when you can get more decorative looking wellies for cheaper?!

EVERYONE seems to own hunter wellies and a green parka these days so why don't we make it a revolution to be different at festivals! I mean, that's what it's all about!

Festivals are about wearing crazy fancy dress and buying cheap vintage clothes from the little clothing tents!
These are a few beauties I own in my wardrobe that i'm considering taking to the festival i'm attending in August.
This Isn't all but I will style and model them better soon in my next blog!
Tell me what you think!

Obviously I woould be wearing shorts BUT they are currently in the wash,
 so don't do a Taylor Momsen and have your pants on full display.
 Not. A. Good. Look.

Vintage playsuit from Beyond Retro.
Floppy hat from charity shop.

One of my AMAZING bargains!
Next: £5 in sale last year!
Chuffed doesn't even describe my joyness...

Another vintage playsuit from Beyond Retro.
Vintage scarf.

Another FAB bargain!
Y-Not fest vintage stall: £5 SMACKERS

That's all folks!

Lots of lav,
British Bird


aroselikethis said...

i love your skirt! and are you going y not this year as well? by brothers gone twice and I've always wanted to, but never managed to get someone to rough it with me! haha xx

confessionsofabritishbird said...

Thankyou! It cost 30p hahaa :D YES! Im volunteering this year tho cause i spent all my money on a retro bicycle! aha :) You should goo with your brother because you always meet random people there, its great! xxx

aroselikethis said...

yeah were thinking about it next year, i've only ever been wakestock for a day and it wasn't really my scene, if you get what i mean! :) 30p?! bargain charity shop by any chance? xx

Confessions of a British bird... said...

I have never been wakestock but I was soo close too going this yea. I ended not going cause of the price and the bands :/ So I think i know what you mean?! ahha :) Jumble sale! There amazing :D xx