Monday, 18 July 2011

Dip Dyed Hair

Helloo lovlies!
I was going to post up an outfit but my camera is so unbelievably shocking, you cannot see if I'm wearing anything at all! I was wearing a white outfit and of course I look like a human milkbottle. But It didn't look that bad! I wish, oh I wish for a FUJIFILM FINEPIX or LUMIX TZ8 camera....
I can dream and in that reality win the lottery.

Oh course though, what I was going say is that I have FINALLLYY after years dip-dyed or 'ombred' my hair!
You ask why not last year? Well, My hair was rather short and I was waiting for it to get longer-ish.
The like of Alexa Chung created this craze (well honestly at my college no one has done it) BUT everywhere else seemed too so I thought why not?
I love it, I have always wanted to be blonde but I never had the guts to dye it all in case it didn't suit me or worse FELL OUT! But I always seem to over think things and dived straight into the deep end.

Here's an image!

Lots of love

British Bird 


pendurhh. said...

Awesome! I really want to ombre my hair but it's just too short!
Yours looks really great!


Confessionsofabritishbird said...

Thankyou! Oh no that shouldn't stop you, look at Alexa chung! xxx