Sunday, 10 July 2011

Emotion is the true art of creativity.

For me today, It's anger.
The thing is thought, I'm hardly ever angry!

Long story cut very short, Mummy and me decided to ride our bikes to town and we made it there. Just about. A woman in a car started shouting abuse at us blah de blah. So in the end we just went home. I want to live in london, NYC, ANYWHERE but here.

So with this anger fresh in my mind, I let it out by rummaging through my old Vogue and Elle mags and sabotaged them, ripping, hacking and sticking them randomly on my wall.
I now have my shrine for fashion that takes up one whole length of my wall!
Mixed between them is the trends from past years and present, bright colours, winter colours, pop art and textured fabric clothing.

This now gives me inspiration in the morning helping me to decide what to wear!
It's like a huge moodboard of craziness thrown together which suits my style very well!

I realised that creativity comes from the heart and how we feel, we express our ways different to others depending on how we think and this is what makes everyone unique.

                                                                  British Bird


aroselikethis said...

such a good idea! it looks really cool too. I have mini one above my desk with other bits and pieces stuck around it to. I plan to do a massive one like yours on my wall when I move to uni :)


confessionsofabritishbird... said...

Awh thanks! Ohh, you will have to post a photo of it :) Yeahhh, that would be cool, glam you uni room up ;D
Btw how do you follow people!? ahah cause some people dont have it?!