Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sun, moon and stars


Sun & Moon top and skirt:£30 from Motel rocks
Fishnet Tights: £1 from Claire's
Denim biker jacket: £25 from Vintage shop
Cut out boots: £24.99 from New Look

I have been searching all the lands of Gondor to find a matching sun & moons top and skirt...You would not believe how RIDICOUSLY over ecstatic I was when I came across these beauties on Motel Rocks!!
Since I bought them (despite the bitter winter weather) I have not lived out of this outfit! No snow, torrential rain or life threatening weather forecast could EVER stop me. All I need now is a lilac fur coat for this outfit...
I got an amazing deal though with Motel Rocks because if you spend over £39 you get £10 off!

I have also been meaning to post about this denim jacket which I purchased from a vintage shop local to where I live. I find every denim jacket I own doesn't keep me warm at all which is annoying in the winter because everyone wears black! So a baby blue denim keeps my outfits interesting so when I found this I knew I had to buy it. NAUGHTY. It has a lining so is SUPER warm and not only is it a biker style but it has a buckle around the waist and bizarre metal triangle shapes on it.

I haven't posted in ages due to working and being in London. While there I visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde park with my boyfriend and we smashed ice skating (well I did...on my ass), ate chocolate waffles, drank way too much mulled wine and played the silly circus games trying to win a big teddy. Yes I know they are bloody cons! Oh and we got mugged off by £12...WITHOUT  a teddy damn it.

I am so stupidly excited about Christmas but because I work in retail I am working up toward Christmas so I don't feel as Christmassy as I should! :( I haven't even got an advent calendar this year!


Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Top: Yacht & Inspired clothing £6
Boots: New Look £24.99
D.I.Y Leather jacket
Various flower crowns D.I.Y
Tattoo Choker: eBay £1.99
OK, I am sooo bored of my hair colour!
But it is so expensive to get professionally but if I do it myself bad things happen...
Any ideas please?!!
I lovveee this tie dye top I bought off my sisters friends stall. He creates tie dye t-shirts and starting in the New Year he will be branching out with bags, beanies etc...! WOO
Go visit his Facebook page!
This top in particular is actually a size 3-4 KIDS. Oh yes, even I cannot believe I squeezed my chub into t  his but I was so desperate for a small tie dye crop! Well I guess it goes to show that I still have the boobs of a 2 year old chubby toddler. Fabulously attractive.
This week I am going to be playing around with my layout, I need something new and fresh!
I also have a few makeup reviews coming soon!

Friday, 15 November 2013


Leopard print fur coat: New Look (Last year)
Lace top: Charity shop £1.50
Leather Look Leggings: New Look £12.99
Lion doorstopper necklace: New Look £4.99
Fedora: Charity Shop £1
Biker boots: New Look £39.99
Heyyyyloooo hereee!
I didn't realise how much New Look I was even wearing! Since I have gotten a job I do spend a wee bit more extra on clothing and shoes because I know they will last longer. BUT I will never ever let go of my charity shop roots! If I see something I like I will get it because I might not be able to find it in a charity shop but those boots....I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS. Literally. I tried them on and got so excited I tripped over the edge of the rail and fell on my face...These are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought! I have never spend so much on one item! But I thought these will be perfect for the winter and biker boots are always on trend. PLUS I have wanted a pair for so long to wear with my pretty girly dresses to grunge them up a little...
Well I tell you last week was THE worst yet awesome week ever. I won't go deep into details...ANYWAY I love this time of the year when it is dark in the mornings and darker at night, Christmas adverts on TV, Christmas songs in the shops and the decorations out ready for the switch ons! OH and you can't forget the sipping of the hot chocolate by the fire. AHH. This is my favourite time, I can wrap up and layer outfits and wear whatever I want! I have always loved colder weather because it means biker boots, granddad jumpers and leather trousers ;) Winter means out comes the grunge!
Next week I'm going to do a few make up tutorials and reviews as I have always loved beauty and hair so thought I would have a crack at it! I also have a haul soon so watch this space...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mermaid in Londaaannn

Getting mega peeved. naughty boy taking photos!

Oh hells no

SOO. My night didn't exactly plan out to what I expected. Instead we dodged a VIP gig and took random photos in a tube station. Yep. Gotta love spontaneity. I love taking unexpected shoots and when they turn out blurry or weird! When everything's too posed it looks to 'try hard' so I opted on taking photos of Oliver when he didn't notice...Tehe.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lacey mae

Crochet Dress: Gifted
Hand necklace from New Look: £3
Fedora hat from charity shop: £1
Cutout boots from eBay: £30
Round sunglasses from eBay: £2.99
I have been searching every rummage of every charity shop corner trying to find the perfect crochet dress with large sleeves and this cheeky bugger magically appeared...
It was given to me by my boyfriend's mum who has had it for over 10 years! I love it when I am given or find clothing that has a story behind it and is it mass produced these day e.g Primark....
Although, I do adore some items in Primark it will never replace my true love for vintage. It also has a bohemian element to it, I sooo wish I had one in white! This is the perfect dress to take travelling and just simply makes me want to frolic naked in the sand and sea under the moonlight with only this beautiful crochet dress covering my nipples and peachy ass! Well, I do dream of having a peachy arse. Not only does it make me feel like a mystical mermaid swanning the shore at night with starfishes covering my naughty parts and my siren voice luring sailors (I wish!) It also reminds me of the 70's sex pistols grunge jumpers that were shredded and torn.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Tie Dye Top: Gifted!
Leather look leggings: New Look £12.99
Cut Out Boots: New Look £24.99
Choker: Claire's £9.00
Fringed bag: eBay £10
Hat: £1 Charity shop

I luuurvvvvee this top so much!!! It was given to me and I cannot stop wearing it! Its perfect with leather look leggings and fringing for a bit of texture. The colours are so wonderful especially this time of year with the oxblood trend that occurs in A/W. I love how it is velvet with a tie dye effect and looks lovely with a gothic choker.