Sunday, 30 September 2012

Masculine Charm


Brogues from Primark: £12 (old)
Tartan trousers from charity shop: £1.75!!
D.I.Y Shirt from Aunty
D.I.Y Necklace
D.I.Y denim jacket
fringed bag from car boot: £1.50
Ridicously red face: caught free from a damn cold.
I haven't had the chance to post all my outfits this week as I have limited space in my bedroom due to all my college work being the floor and my causing to create a magical path through all the mountains of paper toward my door...
ANYWAY, these tartan trousers were one of my treasured bargain finds, as I was hunting down a pair for this A/W 2012 trend. I do love a beautiful tartan print and it was a damn shame there wasn't a matching jacket...
The denim jacket I D.I.Y'ed was inspired by 'Young ones' the 1980s anarchic and ridicously humorous television programme based on a couple of mischevious lads.
I fell in love with Vyv's waistcoat and this inspired me to destroy my jacket with the 80's slang and style. All I need now is more studs...Mwhahaha

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Had to show you guys these babies!
Oh, I want a pair...Looks like I am gonna have to snap off my heel, steal a pair of dinosaur toys from my little brother and strap them to a pair of heels.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lounge act

I look like a chipmunk?!

Camo jacket from market: £3.99
Dress from antuque place: £5
Boots from car boot: £2ish
Bag from charity shop: £1
(Gold chain on bag was a belt)
Various necklaces: D.I.Y and charity shops

I am loving this winter weather!
It means I can now dig out all my cosy ugly grandad jumpers/cardi's and wear layers again!
I do love summer but I don't feel comfortable getting my legs and boobs (more like pancakes) out.
So hi-de-hi to big boots, knee high socks and jackets and coats YAH!
I bought this camo jacket a couple years ago from a market because I loved the bagginess of it and noone had one...UNITIL NOW! haha I have seen way too many people wear these now and it kinda put me of wearing mine but I thought it went well with this dress instead of wearing the tedious leather jacket I love so dearly...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Love Buzz

Mickey mouse sweater: £3 off ebay
Leather trousers: £4.99 from chairty shop
Choker: £1.99 off ebay
Creepers: £18 from shoe zone! haha
Just a quick outfit post of what I wore at college today!
Kept it simple with leather trousers (WHICH I SPLIT!) ARGH nightmare!
Topped off with my ebay bargain mickey mouse vintage sweater and creepers...
I am also loving my tattoo choker at the moment which I purchased off ebay awhile ago and it goes with EVERYTHING.
I am also wearing a red lip liner (as I find lipstick smudges really bad!) from superdrug which cost me 99p!! Oh I do love a good bargain. It is the perfect filler and doesn't smudge. The colour also stayed bright throughout the day, I did reapply but not majorly. I would say this is definitely the best lip liner for the price!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Eco Designer #1: Terra New York

TERRA NEW YORK are a smart and innovative designer rainwear company created by a duo of designers, marketing professionals. They offer
'fashion-forward, functional, designer rain gear—to the urbanite as well as the bike-savvy suburbanite!'
Terra New York rainwear products are crafted to withstand heavy rain and other inclement weather all while projecting a sleek and stylish look. Their raincoats are 100% waterproof, using heat sealed technic for the seams to stop water. Breathing openings in the sleeves and underneath flap storms provide comfort to the wearer.

The founders Yurika Nakazono and Marie Saeki began with one simple question: What can a fashion-conscious woman wear when it’s raining? Since necessity is indeed, the mother of invention, months of research followed, leading Nakazono and Saeki to launch their own head-to-toe chic rain gear collection.

What it means: Terra New York stands for the numbers three in latin TER (2 founders 1 vision) and the METAR code for rain: RA(the most popular format in the world for the transmission of weather data)

The collection is built on protection and the design for each rain wear piece is based on the vision and desire of the founders to push rain gear options for rainy days just a little bit further. For the first collection, Terra New York features materials such as heavy TPU/ Urethane to provide structure to the waterproof raincoats and uses the same material in varying weights for hats, bags, and shoes. All raincoats and accessories possess unique technical details that allow the body to breathe and move freely.


Monday, 17 September 2012

Fancy a cuppa?

I came across this bizarre article and though I would share this with you!

Innovative New Fabric Made from Tea and Bacteria

Yes you read that right. An innovative new fabric has been developed made entirely from tea and bacteria. Not just dyed by the natural colourings from tea leaves but grown from bacteria formulated in vats of the traditional cuppa. Fashion designers and scientists have pooled their skills, teaming up to refine the natural processes involved.
Innovative New Fabric Made from Tea and Bacteria
As pressures rises to ensure sourcing materials for the clothing industry is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, innovative and forward thinking methods of creating yarns and fabrics are top news. Scientist Professor Freemont from Imperial College London and designer Suzanne Lee from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design have collaborated to produce a range of garments all created using the new process.
Green tea, sugar and nutrients are combined in a soup-like mixture. Bacteria is then added over the course of several days to form clumps of cellulose on the top of the surface which are then spun into a fabric to be used for clothing.
Once dried the fabric has similar properties as leather; tough with random surface effects and all from a humble cup of tea. It is then treated to be ready to make garments. After further tweaking of the process designer Suzanne Lee is hoping this fabric will start appearing on a high-street near you soon.

Professor Freemont commented on the project, "What Suzanne is trying to achieve has really caught our imaginations. The material she is using to make her clothes is incredible."
He continued "These are projects we need to think about because of the impending resource shortages we face and one thing we are not short on is bacteria."
So next time you sit down for a brew, marvel at the thought that soon your clothes may be made from the same leaves as in your cup!

What do you think to this?!

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hello all!
This was another outfit from college as at the weekend when I don't I unfortunatly live in leggings and a baggy top and I bet you guys do not wanna see that...
I got this jumper from a chairty shop for a £1 and basicaly ripped it to shreds. I LOVE SHREDS.
My mum on the other hand does not. Had to sneak out the house with this on. OOPS.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Let me clip your dirty wings

Aztec baggy top (worn as dress) charity shop: £1
Bag from car boot: 50p
Boots from car boot: £2.50
various necklace, rings and things collected from charity shops and antique centres...

Hello, hello!
This is what I wore for my third day back at college. I opted for baggy because that is my speciality and comfort...
Today, which is saturday, I think!?
I attended a creative stitch and craft fair by 'Woman's Weekly' and had such an amazing time!
I love going to these events but this time was real special becuae I decided to pluck up the courage and (stopped being the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz) and talk to the fashion editor of the magazine!
She was such a lovely lady to chat too and I was so worried about rejection but instead was thrilled and CRAZY ECSTATIC when she told me to email her about dates for work experience! ARGH...
And if that wasn't enough I went a little mad buying bulk loads of wool for more knitty natty jumpers ready in time for christmas. In fact I have finished a few more which I need to post up but how cold has the weather gone these past few days?! It is not just me, right...?

Anyway hope you are all having a great weekend and do you like to knit because let me tell you something it isn't just for nanna's! Look at the trends for A/W 2012....

Love and warm woollen kisses!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Summer D.I.Y's

These are just a small few D.I.Y projects I produced over the summer. I knitted this red jumper with 10mm knitting needles giving the 'holey' effect on the jumper which was perfect as I was inspired by The sex pistols distressed jumpers. The multi-layered cross necklace was inspired by Madonna in Desperately seeking susan. The lace skirt was inspired by the 'Electric Witches' shoot by Miista. The tie dye dress was something I have wanted for awhile after seeing the shocking price of the Topshop tie dye dresses I decided to create my own just in time for a music festival I attended. I also made a flower heairband which is crazy and covers the WHOLE head...

Inspirational blogs

Soo I started back at college this week and I have got to say I am loving it!
I love the whole fresh new atmosphere at the new building and I feel like I have a lot more freedom.
I did have a weird geeky scream/hiccup when I saw the larger than life library....I love books. Dork. Yes, I do know.
ANYWAY we were given a couple brief's this week so I thought I would give a cracka lacking head start for this new year as it is my last year and I want to make an impression.
So to start with I had to find three blogs that I love to follow daily but I couldn't possibly narrow this to just three so I settled with five!
Not in order of favouritism by the way, just simply the most wonderful blogs that inspire me so here goes....
Click on Image to access their blogs!


Lulutrixabelle is a fashion/D.I.Y blog by Lucy Range. She is 20 year old fashion student (of course!) and is also owner to her online clothes shop of Vintage clothing which are absolutly fabulous! I love to read Lucy's blog because her style is so eccentric yet beautifully vintage and she collects the most wonderful vintage and high street clothing from car boots for ridicously cheap prices! Lucy posts daily outfits and styles them in such a creative way, definitely a fashion blog you should all follow if you love vintage...

Sara Luxe is a British fashion blog created by 25 year old Sara Louise from Cumbria, UK. Sara moved to Manchester to pursue a career in fashion where she studied at University whilst modelling. Now she is HEAD STYLIST at Missguided (YES Missguided the gorgeous online high street shop!) and documents her life, career and daily outfits on her blog. As she is a stylist which is a career I would DIE to get in to I love to read about all about her styling work which she shares on her blog.


Fashion Dotty is a Manchester-based fashion blog by Sarah Harradine who used to be my old boss from when I volunteered at British Red Cross! She is simply fabulous and posts daily outfits, fashion trends, trips out, D.I.Y's and blogger events. I love to check out what she is getting up too and her opinion on trends.


Need I say more? Anna Dello Russo. What. A. Bloody. Fashpiration. Vogue Editor in Japan, the ultimate fashionista of maximalism and with a natural passion for fashion Anna has earned herself the name of 'fashion maniac' taking risks with fashion and not following trends but setting them. Anna is no sheep. She is my Dalia Lama...

a pair and a spare . diy fashion
An innovative view on D.I.Y fashion, A Pair and A Spare fits beautifully into one of my five inspirational blogs. A wonderfully kitsch outlook on new creative D.I.Y's including fashion, jewellery and homeware. This blog draws inspiration from the catwalks and random picture to create a new D.I.Y that has not been done before which I adore!