Thursday, 13 September 2012


I was going to start  the title as 'Inspirations' but It sounded way to cliche for what I wanted to share on this post.
Over the summer we were given the task of completing a sketchbook full of what inspired us personally and create a concept from it for our second year fashion collection.
I find my inspiration mainly from books and musicians. As I love to read (bookworm much?) I feel I can understand the world around me a lot more and i discover quotes that stand out to me.
This is also simalar to my love of musicians of the past decades.
I honestly hate music these days, and why I do is because musicians in this era are under the control of music industries to look and sound like a certain persona. These musicians are not their true selves and they are like puppets on a string answering to a 'higher being' because this being can bring them money and fame. That is all certain musicians want these days.

But in the sixties till the mid nineties musicians found their true identity through music and style and created their own image by exploring the world and enviroment around them instead of trying to be like a certain artist or band from their previous decade etc...

So what I am trying to express is that I find 'inspiration' from people who were themselves and not trying to be a specific image and being told what to do. These are real artists and inspirations and one of those bands that show this are Nirvana.

Over the years they have been taken as a fashion symbol instead of music icons that they truly were. Kurt Cobain would of hated to see his face on a tshirt in H&M because that wasn't his message to the world. His message was through his music, all his pain and emotions were expressed through his lyrics and guitar. 
As all kids do they follow and look up to other people like sheep in a way. But being 18 now and following my own sense of personality I realise what I love and what I hate. I have always been a rock lover at heart and that is partly because of my childhood and partly because I can relate to that style of music.

RANT OVER. You see I do like a good ol' fashioned rant about music...
Only a few images bit I shall post a lavely video...

 MTV Unplugged in New York

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