Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lounge act

I look like a chipmunk?!

Camo jacket from market: £3.99
Dress from antuque place: £5
Boots from car boot: £2ish
Bag from charity shop: £1
(Gold chain on bag was a belt)
Various necklaces: D.I.Y and charity shops

I am loving this winter weather!
It means I can now dig out all my cosy ugly grandad jumpers/cardi's and wear layers again!
I do love summer but I don't feel comfortable getting my legs and boobs (more like pancakes) out.
So hi-de-hi to big boots, knee high socks and jackets and coats YAH!
I bought this camo jacket a couple years ago from a market because I loved the bagginess of it and noone had one...UNITIL NOW! haha I have seen way too many people wear these now and it kinda put me of wearing mine but I thought it went well with this dress instead of wearing the tedious leather jacket I love so dearly...

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Grace said...

I agree, I am loving this weather! And amen to the pancakes, I am the same haha.