Friday, 14 September 2012

Inspirational blogs

Soo I started back at college this week and I have got to say I am loving it!
I love the whole fresh new atmosphere at the new building and I feel like I have a lot more freedom.
I did have a weird geeky scream/hiccup when I saw the larger than life library....I love books. Dork. Yes, I do know.
ANYWAY we were given a couple brief's this week so I thought I would give a cracka lacking head start for this new year as it is my last year and I want to make an impression.
So to start with I had to find three blogs that I love to follow daily but I couldn't possibly narrow this to just three so I settled with five!
Not in order of favouritism by the way, just simply the most wonderful blogs that inspire me so here goes....
Click on Image to access their blogs!


Lulutrixabelle is a fashion/D.I.Y blog by Lucy Range. She is 20 year old fashion student (of course!) and is also owner to her online clothes shop of Vintage clothing which are absolutly fabulous! I love to read Lucy's blog because her style is so eccentric yet beautifully vintage and she collects the most wonderful vintage and high street clothing from car boots for ridicously cheap prices! Lucy posts daily outfits and styles them in such a creative way, definitely a fashion blog you should all follow if you love vintage...

Sara Luxe is a British fashion blog created by 25 year old Sara Louise from Cumbria, UK. Sara moved to Manchester to pursue a career in fashion where she studied at University whilst modelling. Now she is HEAD STYLIST at Missguided (YES Missguided the gorgeous online high street shop!) and documents her life, career and daily outfits on her blog. As she is a stylist which is a career I would DIE to get in to I love to read about all about her styling work which she shares on her blog.


Fashion Dotty is a Manchester-based fashion blog by Sarah Harradine who used to be my old boss from when I volunteered at British Red Cross! She is simply fabulous and posts daily outfits, fashion trends, trips out, D.I.Y's and blogger events. I love to check out what she is getting up too and her opinion on trends.


Need I say more? Anna Dello Russo. What. A. Bloody. Fashpiration. Vogue Editor in Japan, the ultimate fashionista of maximalism and with a natural passion for fashion Anna has earned herself the name of 'fashion maniac' taking risks with fashion and not following trends but setting them. Anna is no sheep. She is my Dalia Lama...

a pair and a spare . diy fashion
An innovative view on D.I.Y fashion, A Pair and A Spare fits beautifully into one of my five inspirational blogs. A wonderfully kitsch outlook on new creative D.I.Y's including fashion, jewellery and homeware. This blog draws inspiration from the catwalks and random picture to create a new D.I.Y that has not been done before which I adore!


Jen said...

read Lucy's daily too and adore Fashion Dotty.

J x

Sarah Harradine said...

Dude, this is so kind of you, and what excellent company! Thank you

Sara Louise said...

thankyou so so much for the mention hun ! really made my day ! x