Saturday, 15 September 2012

Let me clip your dirty wings

Aztec baggy top (worn as dress) charity shop: £1
Bag from car boot: 50p
Boots from car boot: £2.50
various necklace, rings and things collected from charity shops and antique centres...

Hello, hello!
This is what I wore for my third day back at college. I opted for baggy because that is my speciality and comfort...
Today, which is saturday, I think!?
I attended a creative stitch and craft fair by 'Woman's Weekly' and had such an amazing time!
I love going to these events but this time was real special becuae I decided to pluck up the courage and (stopped being the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz) and talk to the fashion editor of the magazine!
She was such a lovely lady to chat too and I was so worried about rejection but instead was thrilled and CRAZY ECSTATIC when she told me to email her about dates for work experience! ARGH...
And if that wasn't enough I went a little mad buying bulk loads of wool for more knitty natty jumpers ready in time for christmas. In fact I have finished a few more which I need to post up but how cold has the weather gone these past few days?! It is not just me, right...?

Anyway hope you are all having a great weekend and do you like to knit because let me tell you something it isn't just for nanna's! Look at the trends for A/W 2012....

Love and warm woollen kisses!


Jen said...

love your shirt, great find :D

J x

S P I R I T W O L F said...

Thankyou! x