Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Metallic Army:Outfit numero #17

Hello lovlies,

Just a quick outfit post of what I wore today. This army jacket was £3.99 from the market! Was really happy with this finding as I nearly forked out £15 for a different one!
The shiny top is a charity shop find for £5! I fell in love with this top instantly, something that to me is quite tasteful and to others is quite tasteless. But that is who I am, I have a strange love for unusual and someetimes ugly clothes. At least noone else would have the same clothing as me!

At college, we took part in a styling and photoshoot which we created from the word 'Explosion' given to us by our tutor. We had to replicate explosion with our own unique ideas but still get the theme across in our work. Now, If you knew me well enough I went a little overboard and created a whole Tim Burton, dark and eerie style shoot based on anger which came from the explosion theme. Although, in my work the anger didn't reflect off the models as I made them look like porcelian dolls. I wanted to show the control of explosion within the emotion anger but it didn't come across as well as I had hoped.

So, I shall be doing a seperate shoot with my sister still using the word 'Explosion' but not in a war type way.

Stay Tuned as I shall add a few images on this post later on!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Compare and contrast of fashion stories

To begin with Tim Burton’s Trick or Treat story is based on inspiration from Tim Burton films whereas Dreaming on Another world is drawing influences from artistic paintings that create a dreamy and mature atmosphere. Both stories show signs of surrealism with the floating women in dreaming of another world and the large sized ‘Jack’ doll from The nightmare before Christmas film by Tim Burton. The props Jacob K uses are quite large in proportion but differ enormously with themes and target markets.
The colour scheme is dramatically different from the Tim Burton story as the Burton story has explosive colours that are bright and luminous and jump off the page. These produce a creative and imaginative mood full of dark fairytales and an unusual and eccentric atmosphere. Whereas dreaming of another world creates a mysterious vibe with a dark colour scheme almost looking like ink on the page which blurs into the shadows of the story.  
While the target markets may be quite similar as Tim Burton could be ready to wear and top end high street while the dreaming story is more couture and aimed at women that can afford a pricier garment. The environment of the stories are completely different also, as the Burton story is set in a deserted field full of nature and the outdoors while the dreaming story is set in an old English country house with a sense of the early 1900’s style to it.
Overall, Jacob K can create two different styles in a creative way to produce styling for both or more different target markets and uses many links from historical and cultural themes.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Keeping it casual :Outfit numero #16?

I have spent most of the day having a 'Twil-a-thon' because I went to see Breaking Dawn last night and it was amazing!!
I won't give ANYTHING away but it was a lot darker and less like the last three films.
I have also glittered my hiking boots because they really needed updating and what better way to do that than with glitter!
I shall post this on DIY wednesday.
Also because on sundays I wear scruffy clothing and laze about doing LOTS of college work I shall post a charity shop find from the past week. So keep reading and thanks to all my wonderful followers!

Love you all!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lovely pastels: Outfit numero #14 & COLLEGE SKIRT!

Pastel dress: £2.50 from charity shop
Lace shawl: 30p from charity shop
Cross necklace: Handmade
Boots: £20 from New Look
Leather jacket: Primark

Hello lovlies!
Today I wore this pastel dress (originally a nightdress!) from the charity shop, it's sooo comfy and I felt like I was still in bed! The lace shawl I am wearing is such a beauty but because it's so cold I can't wear it on its own, so I threw on my leather jacket for warmth.

I have been in college today and it was pattern cutting which I LOVE. One of my favourite days and stressful may I add, it's a day of making. Today, we had our pattern ready from last lesson and brought in our own material.

Step one:
I lay out the pattern pieces onto the fabric making sure the cut on fold pieces were on the fold of the fabric and the other pieces were lined up correctly with the grainline, which I measured with my tape measure and pinned onto the fabric.

Step Two:
I then cut out these pieces carefully and cut the notches where needed like where the hipline was and the box pleat. 
With the yoke parts (the pieces which will be the top of the skirt) I pinned to some interfacing and cut out around the pattern pieces.
One front part and 2 back yokes because this is where the zip will be placed. I then got the interfacing and fabric pieces and ironed the interfacing onto the fabric (the interfacing with the glue dots on one side).

Step Three:
I then got the front part of the skirt with the box pleat and where the notches were I folded the pleat in and ironed down. After this I made a short stitch across the pleat to keep it secure.

Step Four:
I then got the front yoke and sewed it to the skirt with watching the stitching carefully and curving it at the same time. I then overlocked the fayed edges to complete a closed seam and pressed this with the iron.

Step Five:
I then stitched across the whole length of the front skirt to secure it and for it to look neat and tidy.

Step Six:
I then inserted a invisible zip with the twon back pieces of the skirt and this joined the back of the skirt together, which would be easier for the wearer to get in and out of the garment.

Step Seven:
I then stitched the back of the skirt up, making sure the kick pleat was left open and stitched and then progressed onto the side seam which is yet to finish!

I haven't completed the skirt yet but will be sure to post an image of the finished garment!

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

DIY knitted panda hat & Floppy hat

Hello there!
I have soooo many DIY post for you lovely people but I thought I would share my knowledge on this knitted hat I made. I have recently been knitting away like those nannas from the shreddies adverts and it has become an addictive hobby of mine now!
Especially now it is winter, knitwear is everywhere. So I though I would start simple with a hat, my next project (a bit ambitious) is a poncho. Poncho's are also huge this winter, I made my own poncho this summer for festivals because they lovely for those cool summer nights yet perfect for a warmish winter day!

So here is my Panda hat, which I based on the river island one worn by Katy Perry. I paid £2 for 2 balls of wool and that is all it took to make. So don't spend £10 or ridicolous amounts on hats! Either make one or charity shop, that is my motto for life now!

It's not exactly how I wanted it but I'm making some more for christmas presents for my sisters so shall post them up soon also!

I have also updated my floppy hat! I have a straw like one and have really wanted a black one, but I thought straw will go with any outfit so I got some black ribbon and put that around the hat and voila! I shall be wearing this tomorrow ;)

Sorry about the AWFUL camera quality! My sister wouldn't take photos of my hats...Grr.
But you kinda get the idea! I think? Haha.

Anyway, have a lovely wednesday.

Lots of love,

Riffa Raff: Outfit numero #13

It has been a lovely winter day!
I absolutly love wrapping up in my snuggly jumper and boots and wandering around craft shops with my mum! We had afternoon tea, YUM, and my new hobby is knitting so we visited the wool shop.
Unfortunatly, I still haven'r found any large pots of glitter so will get on that straight away with good 'ol ebay BUT I have finished knitting my first project which took me TWO days to complete! I was soo happy and excited!
I shall post that up as my DIY post later on.
I have posted this look on 'Lookbook' so check me out!

Have you enjoyed the winter day or not?!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

College girl: Oufit numero #12

Hello lovlies!
I have already posted today about 'The September Issue' but I am determined to post an outfit everynight! :D
The cardigan I am wearing and the top are second hand and the boots were from new look, half price!! YAH. I have been trying to find some lace up, buckle boots for a decent price and I think £20 was pretty impressive.
The burgundy snood is what my mum knitted! Its so beautiful and I never take it off.
I also knitted myself a panda hat which I will have to put in my DIY post, or if I get a pot of glitter tomorrow I can give you a double whammy of DIY's! I have so many DIY posts to show you all, so keep looking on wednesdays!

Lots of love,

The September Issue.

In college we watched the film, The September issue featuring Anna Wintour, The goddess of the fashion world. 
With her powerful and fierce mind taking over American vogue, she may be stubborn but she has progressed American Vogue to the most successful and glamorous high fashion magazine in the world. 
This documentary film has inspired me to be more determined on making my work on this fashion course the best it can possibly be and to reach for every opportunity in the fashion world.
This movie made me realise just how much hard work, effort and time goes into ONE magazine just to b thrown away in the end when you have finished with it. Thousands of pounds go into making and creating sets for photo shoots, clothing and producing and publishing Vogue. This has encouraged me that I want to work for a high fashion magazine and I must be tough-skinned, demanding, creative in every possible way and yet stay the same person I am today. 

A younger Anna Wintour

Grace Coddington also starred in the movie, after watching this she has become one of the most inspirational icons to me. She was told by a photographer never to close your eyes for a second or you may miss something, everything around you inspires you. 
She is also a stylist for Vogue but many other magazines and after researching her stories, I love how she combines natural with surrealistic. Grace has done many fashion campaigns also and bought innovative and edgy ideas to the table therefore enforcing the fashion world to progress into a more futuristic and creative area. 

Model in the 60's : Grace Coddington

Have you ever seen 'The September Issue'? What did you think?

I shall post up an outfit also later tonight!

Lots of love,

Monday, 14 November 2011

Androgyny :Outfit numero #11

Hello lovlies!
I have finally persuaded my sister to be my personal photographer for my blog! Tehehe. Of course, That comes with a bribe, my beloved boots....Good job I bougt some new ones ;)
I wanted to dress cosy today, because I woke up all cold and needed comfort! So I threw on my leather trousers and denim shirt with my new bowler hat that I got from a charity shop for £2!

I shall be doing a DIY post on wednesday if I can hopefully find a pot of glitter in town! I did a DIY post on glitter heels, but I wanted to create glitter boots so I could wear them casually everywhere.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Lots of love

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Recently, I have been obsessed with wolves. I think they are gorgeous animals!
I am wanting lots of native american clothes at the moment with wolves on and one of my major loves/craves/BUYS has to be this wolf fleece!
In the next week or so, this shall definitely be in my wardrobe!

What do you think of them?

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Do the creep

When I first saw the state of these shoes, I really thought 'ew, do people really wear these?'

BUT now, I have fallen in love with these creepies. I mean yes, they are ugly shoes but that's is why I have started fancying them every single day. How weird they are! Yet they look so beautiful in their own very bizarre way.

These are my favourite ones, not as fond of the double sole but I like the fact they have a punk inspired style about them influenced from the 70's and throughout the 80's. The also have the 'Androgynous' look about them and I do like wearing mens clothes, so shoes that will actually fit that have a unisex style about them are definetly on my hit list! I would like these also Santa...

Lots of love,

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I haven't posted a daily outfit today because I have been in my slobs all day! Basically, just consisted of a mens checked shirt and some leggings.
But Little Miss Retro (my vintage business) is at Holiday Inn tomorrow opposite liverpool lime street station, so pop up and say hello and buy some vintage goodies!
We have made a sale rail so grab something cheap and beautiful (I myself love a good bargain!).

I am also in desperate wanting/craving for a galaxy top! The cosmic pattern is simply beautiful and I cannot live without it any longer! Anyone have any suggestions of where to buy cosmic fabric?? I feel a DIY post coming along!

Have a lovely weekend and bonfire night!

Lots of love,

Friday, 4 November 2011

About a girl: Outfit numero #10

Hey Lovlies!
I havent posted in awhile, but that will soon change!
Because I am so disorganized (is that a word?) I made a planner to make sure I do a post each night.
So, I wore this, my beloved nirvana top I snagged for 30p! WOO and my gem in a haystack, denim jacket with a tan leather bag I got for a quid the other day!

Hope your well,