Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Do the creep

When I first saw the state of these shoes, I really thought 'ew, do people really wear these?'

BUT now, I have fallen in love with these creepies. I mean yes, they are ugly shoes but that's is why I have started fancying them every single day. How weird they are! Yet they look so beautiful in their own very bizarre way.

These are my favourite ones, not as fond of the double sole but I like the fact they have a punk inspired style about them influenced from the 70's and throughout the 80's. The also have the 'Androgynous' look about them and I do like wearing mens clothes, so shoes that will actually fit that have a unisex style about them are definetly on my hit list! I would like these also Santa...

Lots of love,

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infinitymilk said...

I hated them at first but they have grown on me since i developed a penchant for ugly shoes!
i'm getting some of the suede black underground ones with some of my birthday money hopefully!xo