Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Metallic Army:Outfit numero #17

Hello lovlies,

Just a quick outfit post of what I wore today. This army jacket was £3.99 from the market! Was really happy with this finding as I nearly forked out £15 for a different one!
The shiny top is a charity shop find for £5! I fell in love with this top instantly, something that to me is quite tasteful and to others is quite tasteless. But that is who I am, I have a strange love for unusual and someetimes ugly clothes. At least noone else would have the same clothing as me!

At college, we took part in a styling and photoshoot which we created from the word 'Explosion' given to us by our tutor. We had to replicate explosion with our own unique ideas but still get the theme across in our work. Now, If you knew me well enough I went a little overboard and created a whole Tim Burton, dark and eerie style shoot based on anger which came from the explosion theme. Although, in my work the anger didn't reflect off the models as I made them look like porcelian dolls. I wanted to show the control of explosion within the emotion anger but it didn't come across as well as I had hoped.

So, I shall be doing a seperate shoot with my sister still using the word 'Explosion' but not in a war type way.

Stay Tuned as I shall add a few images on this post later on!