Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The September Issue.

In college we watched the film, The September issue featuring Anna Wintour, The goddess of the fashion world. 
With her powerful and fierce mind taking over American vogue, she may be stubborn but she has progressed American Vogue to the most successful and glamorous high fashion magazine in the world. 
This documentary film has inspired me to be more determined on making my work on this fashion course the best it can possibly be and to reach for every opportunity in the fashion world.
This movie made me realise just how much hard work, effort and time goes into ONE magazine just to b thrown away in the end when you have finished with it. Thousands of pounds go into making and creating sets for photo shoots, clothing and producing and publishing Vogue. This has encouraged me that I want to work for a high fashion magazine and I must be tough-skinned, demanding, creative in every possible way and yet stay the same person I am today. 

A younger Anna Wintour

Grace Coddington also starred in the movie, after watching this she has become one of the most inspirational icons to me. She was told by a photographer never to close your eyes for a second or you may miss something, everything around you inspires you. 
She is also a stylist for Vogue but many other magazines and after researching her stories, I love how she combines natural with surrealistic. Grace has done many fashion campaigns also and bought innovative and edgy ideas to the table therefore enforcing the fashion world to progress into a more futuristic and creative area. 

Model in the 60's : Grace Coddington

Have you ever seen 'The September Issue'? What did you think?

I shall post up an outfit also later tonight!

Lots of love,

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