Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lovely pastels: Outfit numero #14 & COLLEGE SKIRT!

Pastel dress: £2.50 from charity shop
Lace shawl: 30p from charity shop
Cross necklace: Handmade
Boots: £20 from New Look
Leather jacket: Primark

Hello lovlies!
Today I wore this pastel dress (originally a nightdress!) from the charity shop, it's sooo comfy and I felt like I was still in bed! The lace shawl I am wearing is such a beauty but because it's so cold I can't wear it on its own, so I threw on my leather jacket for warmth.

I have been in college today and it was pattern cutting which I LOVE. One of my favourite days and stressful may I add, it's a day of making. Today, we had our pattern ready from last lesson and brought in our own material.

Step one:
I lay out the pattern pieces onto the fabric making sure the cut on fold pieces were on the fold of the fabric and the other pieces were lined up correctly with the grainline, which I measured with my tape measure and pinned onto the fabric.

Step Two:
I then cut out these pieces carefully and cut the notches where needed like where the hipline was and the box pleat. 
With the yoke parts (the pieces which will be the top of the skirt) I pinned to some interfacing and cut out around the pattern pieces.
One front part and 2 back yokes because this is where the zip will be placed. I then got the interfacing and fabric pieces and ironed the interfacing onto the fabric (the interfacing with the glue dots on one side).

Step Three:
I then got the front part of the skirt with the box pleat and where the notches were I folded the pleat in and ironed down. After this I made a short stitch across the pleat to keep it secure.

Step Four:
I then got the front yoke and sewed it to the skirt with watching the stitching carefully and curving it at the same time. I then overlocked the fayed edges to complete a closed seam and pressed this with the iron.

Step Five:
I then stitched across the whole length of the front skirt to secure it and for it to look neat and tidy.

Step Six:
I then inserted a invisible zip with the twon back pieces of the skirt and this joined the back of the skirt together, which would be easier for the wearer to get in and out of the garment.

Step Seven:
I then stitched the back of the skirt up, making sure the kick pleat was left open and stitched and then progressed onto the side seam which is yet to finish!

I haven't completed the skirt yet but will be sure to post an image of the finished garment!

Lots of love,

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