Wednesday, 16 November 2011

DIY knitted panda hat & Floppy hat

Hello there!
I have soooo many DIY post for you lovely people but I thought I would share my knowledge on this knitted hat I made. I have recently been knitting away like those nannas from the shreddies adverts and it has become an addictive hobby of mine now!
Especially now it is winter, knitwear is everywhere. So I though I would start simple with a hat, my next project (a bit ambitious) is a poncho. Poncho's are also huge this winter, I made my own poncho this summer for festivals because they lovely for those cool summer nights yet perfect for a warmish winter day!

So here is my Panda hat, which I based on the river island one worn by Katy Perry. I paid £2 for 2 balls of wool and that is all it took to make. So don't spend £10 or ridicolous amounts on hats! Either make one or charity shop, that is my motto for life now!

It's not exactly how I wanted it but I'm making some more for christmas presents for my sisters so shall post them up soon also!

I have also updated my floppy hat! I have a straw like one and have really wanted a black one, but I thought straw will go with any outfit so I got some black ribbon and put that around the hat and voila! I shall be wearing this tomorrow ;)

Sorry about the AWFUL camera quality! My sister wouldn't take photos of my hats...Grr.
But you kinda get the idea! I think? Haha.

Anyway, have a lovely wednesday.

Lots of love,

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JessicaElaine. said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE You'r floppy hat, your pictures so vintage and gorgeous! I have a hat very similar but it is black and white striped ;D <3