Tuesday, 15 November 2011

College girl: Oufit numero #12

Hello lovlies!
I have already posted today about 'The September Issue' but I am determined to post an outfit everynight! :D
The cardigan I am wearing and the top are second hand and the boots were from new look, half price!! YAH. I have been trying to find some lace up, buckle boots for a decent price and I think £20 was pretty impressive.
The burgundy snood is what my mum knitted! Its so beautiful and I never take it off.
I also knitted myself a panda hat which I will have to put in my DIY post, or if I get a pot of glitter tomorrow I can give you a double whammy of DIY's! I have so many DIY posts to show you all, so keep looking on wednesdays!

Lots of love,

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