Monday, 21 November 2011

Compare and contrast of fashion stories

To begin with Tim Burton’s Trick or Treat story is based on inspiration from Tim Burton films whereas Dreaming on Another world is drawing influences from artistic paintings that create a dreamy and mature atmosphere. Both stories show signs of surrealism with the floating women in dreaming of another world and the large sized ‘Jack’ doll from The nightmare before Christmas film by Tim Burton. The props Jacob K uses are quite large in proportion but differ enormously with themes and target markets.
The colour scheme is dramatically different from the Tim Burton story as the Burton story has explosive colours that are bright and luminous and jump off the page. These produce a creative and imaginative mood full of dark fairytales and an unusual and eccentric atmosphere. Whereas dreaming of another world creates a mysterious vibe with a dark colour scheme almost looking like ink on the page which blurs into the shadows of the story.  
While the target markets may be quite similar as Tim Burton could be ready to wear and top end high street while the dreaming story is more couture and aimed at women that can afford a pricier garment. The environment of the stories are completely different also, as the Burton story is set in a deserted field full of nature and the outdoors while the dreaming story is set in an old English country house with a sense of the early 1900’s style to it.
Overall, Jacob K can create two different styles in a creative way to produce styling for both or more different target markets and uses many links from historical and cultural themes.

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