Friday, 2 December 2011

Le Ballon Rouge!

Hello lovelies!

In college we watched the short FRENCH film of 'Le ballon Rouge'. I love french people, french fashion, ahhhh.
ANYWAY, this film was made in 1956 by Albert Lamorisse and I can honestly say I have never heard of this film before, SHOCKING right?! But being on this college course has opened my eyes to the ways of which the fashion industry are inspired by many films, nature, architecture, textures, cultures etc... The list is forever eternal. Wow, that sounds like a cheesy noughties song.

The film shows a young boy who finds a red balloon and takes it everywhere with him. The balloon then is shown to have a mind of its own and follows the boy wherever he goes. A subtle relationship grows between the boy and the balloon and what is so original is that the balloon is an inanimate object and the film creates emotions throughout showing how the boy feels about this balloon. One of my favourite scenes is when the boy has his red balloon and is walking down a street when a young girl has a blue balloon and both balloons almost interact with each other. This shows a film about friendship and imagination what  intrigued me the most was the lack of communication and how the video created a story with visual imagery, colours and shapes.

After watching this I have felt so empowered by not only the influences within the film for my styling shoot, but everywhere I go now, I never leave with a notepad, a pen and pencil, a camera (well my phone camera!) and strangely enough a book or magazine as I can make links with the book and magazine, and highlight words and rip out images! A notepad is so handy to scribble down ideas, quick sketches and catching every detail of what's around you.

I will be shooting my recreation of 'Le Balloon Rouge' in my styling brief on monday and how this film has influenced my outcome.

So I hope you stay and read and I shall keep you posted!!


Kaleigh Michelle said...

Sounds cool!!!! :)kaleighxx

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

j'aime le francais! x