Sunday, 4 December 2011

Wishlist: A few little things....

Hello lovlies!

These a few little things I have asked for christmas.
I don't want a lot but I have asked for quite a few books. Bit of a bookworm to be honest!
I have a slight obsession with wolves, they are my favourite animal so I have asked for this fleece and also a top too. These creeper-like boots were a bargain I found! Well, not such a surprise for christmas but I can't afford £80-90 for a pair of shoes, but these are much lovlier and platformed, so won't hurt my feet I hope!

I also love a bit of leopard print and this box bag is perfect from I also wanted to get a different colour lippy and I fell in love with this lilac one from topshop but I am stumped on what else to ask for.

Any suggestions?!

Lots of love!

1 comment:

infinitymilk said...

that lipstick is a lovely colour, will suit you well!
glad you found some creeper type shoes (: there's loads knocking around i have noticed recently, spoilt for choice! having to sell my creepers because they are too big for me wah :(
hope you're enjoying the christmas season xxxxx