Thursday, 29 December 2011

Crave I Tiger print sweater

Tiger Print Sweat

I like to browse Topshop now and again for those certain beauties you come across but will never buy due to the expense of the ONE item.
I instantly fell in love with this tiger print sweater which reminded me very much of versace-esque prints used in their collections.
It cost £36 I think, and although it is a very beautiful print I can imagine because it is from topshop EVERYONE will have one and they won't look as unique.

Do you like the print of is it too eccentric and daring?

Lots of love,


Joyce said...

The print is super cool and it does remind me of versace prints but I would have no idea how to wear it other than black jeans :/

NikkiStar said...

It is really nice, for Topshop I'm surprised it's even £36. I'm sure with your style you can pull it off in your own unique way.