Thursday, 15 December 2011

Rocky Horror:Outfit numero #22

Hello lovlies!

This is what I wore today, well I threw on the gold jacket this evening as I went out. I have to say I love the metallic trend this season and when I found this gold 'lazy blazer' as I call it, I ran over screaming like a little child!
Today, in college we finished off making our maxi skirts. Firstly, mine went distrasously awful! But this week, I stayed in a few lunches to catch up with a new black cotton material and have nearly finished!
With the two pieces of the skirt (front and back) I overlocked both sides and fitted in an invisible zip.
This afternoon, I overlocked and sewed the other side with a 1.5 seam allowance and started my waistband.
The waistband, in my opnion was the trickiest to get my head around.
As pinning the waistband was difficult because the waistband needed to have 4cm left over for the button hole so we had to stretch the fabric to fit the interfaced waistband as the skirt was cut on the bias.

Over the holidays, I shall unpick the hem and re-iron and stitch it as I wasn't happy with the outcome today. I felt I rushed it so as I am a perfectionist and feel so passionate about sewing I really wanted to accomplish finishing my maxi skirt over christmas.

Hope you have had a lovely day and happy last day of college/high school for christmas tomorrow!

Lots of love,


Emily Juliette said...

That 'lazy blazer' is gorgeous!! Such a great find. I love how DIY you are, I wish had some secret talent. Lovely blog! I'd love to follow each other x

jazxo said...

You are bloody fabulous xo

British Birdie... said...

Thankyou for the lovely comments! :D xxx