Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tearooms and fudge

Today, I vistited Dagfields with my lovely Mother. This is a place of antique treasures galore!
I love going there, browsing through some old, musty books and galavanting through vintage jewellery and clothes and shoes!

I found the most WONDERFUL christmas jumper with a tree on the front. I would SO be wearing that everyday if I bought it. I didn't purchase it though, unfortunatly as it was £25 and I have been saving up lots of money for christmas presents.

I did buy a top for £2.50 which I will be wearing tomorow and shall post an outfit picture up. I bought some wooley mittens for £3 and some disney videos! Tehehe.

After a hard day shopping we hit the tearooms for a lovely cup of tea and some lunch, which was delicious! We got a strawberry and kiwi with our salad! I get amused easily...
I would definitely recommend dribbling in the traditional sweet shop at all the vintage style jars with yummy treats in them!

I definitely did some bargain hunting today instead of splashing out, so on saturday I will be in Manchester doing some christmas shopping and shall purchase bargains and will post what I have found so you can grab some similar bargains too!

What I wore today: I had my fur coat on which I hardly ever wear but it's so warm in this wintery weather I shall be wearing it a lot more! I only realised today it is a child's coat. Oopsie. I wore my white shirt and fairisle jumper with some leggings and my chelsea boots.
You should check out my Mum's blog :

Her blog has only just started but she has done many creative blogs in the past posting up items she has made such as jewellery, dolls and everything interior! Shes is a fabulous and imaginative mum and makes a lot of things for me and my other siblings, hope you love her as much as I do! How cheesy ;D

I shall post up the tutorial for the ear cuff tomorrow so I can put images on also to make it easier and more visual instead of listening to me waffling on!
Lots of love,


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

this shop looks magical! x

Sarah Harradine said...

Ah you went to Dagfields! I took a picture of that same Christmas jumper in November :) I do follow your blog but it never shows up in my reader. Need to figure out what's going wrong there.