Monday, 19 December 2011

DIY jacket

I havent posted in a few days so I thought I would do a DIY as I have been uber creative over christmas!

Step One:

Grab a leather jacket

An old rock tshirt you don't wear (do not cut up your favourite shirt!)

Safety pins

Step Two:

Cut out the logo or name on the shirt.

Grab you safety pins and pin each corner and the pin he middle of each side to keep it secure.


You will then have a punk-like leather jacket and with a bit more of customizing (STUDS WHICH I NEED TO GET!) you will end up with a completely different jacket that is a staple in your wardrobe.

I shall post an image of mine when I have a decent camera ready!
My images shall be better this new year as I am saving up for a proffesional camera which I can take everywhere!

Lots of love,

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