Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Nutcracker: Outfit numero #19

Military top: £2.50 from an antique shop
Bodycon skirt: £1.99 from H&M
Fur Coat: £20 from an antique shop
Wedges: £10 from Vetir


Just a quick outfit post of the day!
In college we started making our maxi skirts which were cut on the bias (fabric cut on diagonal of fabric) which made the skirt have a stretch. Now, I chose a difficult fabric which frays really easily and struggled with this a lot! But, I shall be getting some fabric this weekend this time long enough! And will post what I have done. I am also shooting my 'secret' photoshoot this weekend which is based on part of my brief from college. We were given a word or theme and had to develop this with research on what we were going to do with our shoot. We had to use imagination, creativity and innovation. I shall post these pictures up when I have shot them.

Hope you all had a lovely day!


NikkiStar said...

That jacket is lovely, can't believe how much you got it for. Love the outfit post!


niki said...

that is an awesome top!
~niki <3