Friday, 16 December 2011

CRAVE/Sock Suspenders

I have always had an odd attraction to sock suspenders, I’m not sure why I do, all I know is that I really need to get some.

Shall have to purchase these V. soon. Probably after christmas when I have money....
I have an urge/ craving for all things weird and wonderful.

Today, I have been making christmas presents for friends and will post a DIY post this weekend of what I have done. They make brilliant vintage christmas pressies!

Lots of love,


helen @ thelovecatsINC said...

these are so sweet. i love the over the knee versions that you can get, too.

also, i just wanted to say that i've just discovered your blog and i really like it, definitely going to be keeping up to date with your posts :)

from helen @ thelovecatsINC

Miriam Rodriguez Perez said...

WOOOOW!!! I love it!!

This is my blog: