Sunday, 30 September 2012

Masculine Charm


Brogues from Primark: £12 (old)
Tartan trousers from charity shop: £1.75!!
D.I.Y Shirt from Aunty
D.I.Y Necklace
D.I.Y denim jacket
fringed bag from car boot: £1.50
Ridicously red face: caught free from a damn cold.
I haven't had the chance to post all my outfits this week as I have limited space in my bedroom due to all my college work being the floor and my causing to create a magical path through all the mountains of paper toward my door...
ANYWAY, these tartan trousers were one of my treasured bargain finds, as I was hunting down a pair for this A/W 2012 trend. I do love a beautiful tartan print and it was a damn shame there wasn't a matching jacket...
The denim jacket I D.I.Y'ed was inspired by 'Young ones' the 1980s anarchic and ridicously humorous television programme based on a couple of mischevious lads.
I fell in love with Vyv's waistcoat and this inspired me to destroy my jacket with the 80's slang and style. All I need now is more studs...Mwhahaha


JessicaElaine. said...

I will have those trousers!!!!!!!!!!!! I found a pair in next for lets say more expensive price haha!

Jen said...

ah soooo jelaous you such nice tartan trousers! and so cheap too.

J x

Sarah Harradine said...

Those trousers are SUCH a score.. I'm on the lookout for a pair too (I really want the JW Anderson x Topshop ones but.. £££) fingers crossed I get lucky like you.