Monday, 1 October 2012

Recent bargain buys

Been craving a tartan shirt! £1!!

Have also been lusting over a bold print baggy jumper for £3.99!


£3 from manchester cheap shop


Purple velvet maxi dress: £2.50

Bleached this...£3

Also bleached this in a tie dye way: £1.25


This photo does not do this any justice!
It is a gorgeous vintage two piece that I fell for...£4.50


I was going to describe each item and where it was from but that would be daft because anyone that reads my blog knows everything I seem to wear are all from charity shops! Tehe...
I have collected all these items over a few weeks due to lack of money, being a student and all....
I have a few more images coming at you, so watch out ;)

You will probably see a post within a few days with me wearing that B-E-A-UTIFUL baggy jumper! ARGHHH I literally squeeled in front of a few onlooking odd-faced people...OOPS.

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