Friday, 5 October 2012

Jail house rock

Leather jacket (D.I.Y Studded): Primark
Maxi dress from charity shop: £1.75
Belt from charity shop: £1
Lita knock off's ;) Ebay of course!
Top knot bun: MYSELF YAH!
As you can tell, I think you can agree when I say I fail tremendously at 'posey' pictures.
I do love a good old pulling-a-chipmunk-face. Also my top knot bun has NEVER been so high and mighty before so I accented this with placing my hand bizarrely on top. Yes, I am wearing litas (knock off, of course. Like I could afford JC's..) because firstly they look good with this dress, secondly, I never seem to wear them often and so I made the most of them. Thirdly, because they make me look less like grumpy the dwarf and more like lanky daddy-long legs. Yah?!
Also, this dress was featured on my last post of recent bargain buys and when I bought it I wasn't as fond of it and thought about D.I.Ying it but after wearing it at college and Lita's I realized this is one of my fave bargain dresses! Hmm, should I pack it?
So I am off to do work experience next week with 'Women's weekly' magazine and have started to pack prepare as I am ridicously unorganized!
But I will be on it for this trip, I sware!
So decisions on what to pack is a girls worst nightmare! So I am going to share with you a couple of tips I came across whilst packing...

This may not suit everyone but this is my personal list of must haves...

1. Always take a hat! A hat instantly updates any outfit.
2. Have at least 1 going out dress for a night out and then throw on a baggy jumper for a glamorous bottom half casual day look.
3. A pair of heels, a pair of flats (creepers for me!) and a pair of boots!
4. A leather jacket, a blazer and a denim jacket. Alternate between different looks!
5. A maxi dress
6. A ridicously outrageous to
7. Body shop beautifying oil, use on hair, moisturises and illuminates the face and body! 3 IN 1!
8. Purse spray
9. A good book read
10. Ipod and phone charger...Damn I always forget these!
11. A shawl for those odd English hot days in the middle of Autumn..
13. Vintage scarf
14. Body shop eye reviver for those hungover sundays...
15. 2 piece suit is a must!
16. Belts: Gold, silver, rainbow coloured! Whatever floats your boat
17. Red and purple lippy
18. Rings and things
19. Tights, over knee and lace ankle socks: These also may be small features but give your look a complete makeover.
20. Something glittery! Either glitter on your eyes, shoes, hair or body!
21. Note pad and pens
22. Business cards are fabulous with getting your blog out there!

Okay, so I didn't realise what a list I made till after I wrote this. Although, the majority of these items are small, easy to pack and don't take up too much room but these are my essentials but if you have any more to add, comment below because I am stumped on what else!

Can you help me? Haha!


Sarah Harradine said...

Oh this dress really does look fab. I think you're bang on with your packing - I'd always pack sequins, fur, and fringes, but then dress down with a blazer, tights and boots. Have fun on your placement, you'll be awesome.

S P I R I T W O L F said...

Ohhh yes fur and fringing! Perfect :D Thank you Sarah! Looking forward to it eakk! :) x

lucia m said...

loving the dress!