Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Nitter Natter

Gosh, A LOT has happened since I last blogged!
I have missed posting outfits and haven't done many D.I.Y's recently due to my busy life! I never thought I would say that! Ha!
My mum has just had a baby, so I have a lovely little sister and I have been kept a busy bee with all the BodyShop party orders and was in London last week so to say the least it has been hectic!
So last week I was in London doing work experience with Woman's Weekly magazine!
I was so excited and the team were so lovely and chatty that I felt very welcome. I was given a number of tasks such as working in the styling cupboard, making tea (which I actually love doing!) and gathering PR shots for a feature in their magazine. As I assisted Anne with 'Yes, you can wear it!' feature my name will be in the magazine in small print saying 'assisted by...' YAHHH!!
For my first experience of working with a magazine, I felt that that is the career path I want to take as a stylist and eventually a fashion editor of a magazine!
For helping out I was also given the chance to rummage through the tights and accessories and choose a selection of items! ARGH. It was simply incredible and there was never a dull moment. I do understand that there will be in the future with work experience but I will power on through with a smile on my face. Sooo hopefully Instyle and Marie Claire magazine next. ;)
After crashing with my wild mate, I realised I want to live in London, the atmosphere and people ate so inspiring and taking in all the sight seeing was incredible!

So this week is half term and I am currently finishing sketchbook work for college and choosing my trouser design that will be made in the forthcoming months in time for LFW 2013.
I am also looking at how I will style my trousers and find my style inspired by grunge/biker yet I love girly aspects aswell so I am thinking a chainmail long sleeved top spray-painted in girly colours either pastels or even rainbow coloured chain but I cannot for the life of me find any! So if any of you have any idea where and how, please help and comment below! I will be extremely grateful!

I have also been getting back into my knitting due to being up to date with colleg work. I have found a little something called extreme knitting which is basically knitting on a larger scale. At the moment I have size 20 needles which are rather large but would love to find size 30 for knitting with. I adore chunky knits so this is a project I am hoping to finish this week and shall post for all you guys to see. :)

I need to do D.I.Y's!! Ihave missed posting them for soo long!! I still do them but seem to forget to post them...

Sorry about the blabber,
but I am thinkning about vlogging (video blogging).
What do you think!?
Have you guys tried it, let me know!

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