Thursday, 21 July 2011

Casual bike ride: Outfit numero #2

Tie-knot top from charity shop: £2.99
Leggings from matalan: £4
Faux leather jacket from primark last year: £20
Badges: From around the world and festivals!
Small cameo necklace: Handmade

Hello there!
This outfit was kinda laid back today because wearing a skirt on a bike is pretty revealing. Let's leave it at that...
A little sneak peek about my outfit: The top from the charity shop was a utter bargain, I love me some barganious buys and I LOVE shoppppiiing! Going tomorow for a browse, Okay BIG shop knowing me!
I just wanted to say a few things about my photos, I only edit the brightness and that because I wanna show you my outfits NOT because I want t have flawless skin because I really don't have and you can tell in these! Which I really not bothered about because noone has perfect skin.
Really didn't do much today apart from a bike ride, which reminds me I must take a photo of my new bike with the basket on the front!!
So I moved my bedroom around again, I sound like a crazy person locked up but I really can't live in a place that stays the same for soo long. I like change. :)
My hair is pinned back at the sides which I have done for sooo long now as my layers annoy me and my face. Hahah.
I have a new obsession with choc hob nobs, been nibbling on them all day!
Really need to lay off the junk food so I can have a beach body (which will never happen) but with this english weather I won't really need to take off my cardi...

What do you think? Be honest! ahaha :D
Lots of love,
British Bird

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Medge said...

Very nice outfit! I especially love the pins on the jacket! Cute touch!