Wednesday, 20 July 2011

D.I.Y Wednesdays!

Helloo there lovlies!
As promised every wednesday I will bring you a DIY crafty item of the day but as this is my first one I have given you a double whammy!

                         THE LEATHER POUCH                               

Here I have re-created a replacement for the bumbag!
Instead of wearing it around your waist, wear it around your neck! Well, your money or phone will be safe and they have all sorts of these little leather pouches in antique and charity shops for real cheap.
These are perfect for any festival to keep your belongings safe (if pouch is big enough) AND gives a tribal and stylish accessorie.

Step one:

Buy pouch, any size, colour that suits you best!
You can even decorate it with felt like mine!

Step Two:

Use suede or a silver chain to attach to the pouch.
With a chain make two holes on either side and attach chain on both sides.
With the suede I used tie one knot on one side and another knot on the other side like this:

 Step three:

Then VOLIA! It takes 5 minutes and is a quick fix for a purse!

                       THE VINTAGE-LOOK SHORTS                    

Get bored of the same old denim shorts? Why not make them a little more exciting then and stand out with pretty print sewn on? RECYCLE YOUR FASHION.

Step One:

Use an old pair of shorts you never wear any more and/or a pair you wear alot. Your choice. And set them out flat on a hard surface or even the floor (make sure area is clean).
For me I picked these white denim shorts because they look like they need a bit of colour and a re-vamp!

Step Two:

Measure the sides of the back (bum) pocket and LEAVE a 1.5cm seam allowance unless you want a frayed look on the sides of the pocket. BUT be careful as too which material you use for the frayed effect as it could fray away....

Step Three:

Tuck in the 1.5cm seam allowance and tack (Use dressmaker pins with the blob at the end) to place the material on the pocket and make sure you sew correctly.

Step Four:

Sew along the sides leaving a little space in case. You can use a sewing machine but It may be tricky so I hand-sewn mine making the stitches close together and at my own pace found it easier to sew correctly.

Step Five:

You can do the same with the front pocket like this:


And then BAM you have new looking shorts!
If you wanna make them even more decorative you can even add studs down the sides or gathered around the pocket! Unfortunatly I don't have any studs at the moment but I am ordering some off ebay soon so will post a blog about DIYing your studded shorts or even a dress/top!

Hope you enjoyed the first DIY wednesday!!!

Lots of love

British Bird

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