Thursday, 18 April 2013

Toile Diary: Biker Aurora Jacket

Jacket Pattern:
This was an image that was an example of how to construct my biker jacket.

Adapted collar pattern 

Final Colar pattern

Final lapel patterns (front of biker jacket)

Final sleeve pattern

Adapted sleeve pattern

I slashed and reduced the sleeve so it was more fitted towards the wrist area. 

Back bodice pattern piece. 

 I turned the lapel inside out and pinned the collar to the neckline (right side to right side.) I measured the centre collar and neckline to match the notches.

 I then pinned the flap of fabric from the lapel to the collar, to sandwich it between the collar and jacket.

This is my finished toile but all I need to do is hem, add the buckles and belt loops and the lining.

This image shows that I didn't sew the collar in the lapel right and that is why it i rounded. 

This is part of the front of the jacket where I need to take in part of the dart. I may leave this though because I love the boxy shape my jacket has achieved. 

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